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The Army Heroes Eliminate Mercenaries in Qudssaiya

After a chain of qualitative operations over three days, the Syrian Arab Army eliminated the majority of the mercenary terrorist groups in Qudssaiya city in Damascus Countryside.

During these operations, the army units destroyed many dens of terrorist groups, killed large numbers of their members and arrested several others, in addition to seizing their weapons.

Citizens of Qudssaiya seem now able to feel some of the calm and tranquility they lived in before mercenaries and terrorist groups decided to fire their hatred with their sniper shots and mortar shells on the houses of citizens, forcing many of them to leave the city in fear for their lives.

Besides residential buildings and private properties, government institutions were not spared the terrorist practices. These included mainly Qudssaiya Municipality building and the Primary Health Care Center among other state facilities.

A number of shops were also destroyed by the terrorist groups, in addition to al-Omari Mosque in the middle of the city, which was also a target to the mercenary gunmen who burned it down.

The armed forces’ operations in Qudssaiya city resulted in releasing a number of citizens who had been kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups after being used as human shields.

The residents expressed happiness and relief over the entry of the Syrian Army to their city and appreciation of its efforts to eliminate the terrorists and restore security and stability to Qudssaiya.

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