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Defense Minister: The Armed Forces More Determined to Restore Security and Eliminate Terrorists.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, stressed on Saturday October the 6th 2012 that the Syrian Arab Army is today engaged in a global war in which it is defending the homeland and citizens’ security and the values of the human society.

In a speech to the Syrian TV, Lt. Gen. al-Freij said in its current battle the Syrian Army now is defending the right, justice and the international law which affirms respecting the countries’ sovereignty and preventing interference in the internal affairs of independent countries.

The Minister greeted Syria, people, leadership and army, on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of Tishreen (October) Liberation War, stressing the armed forces’ determination to restore security and stability to homeland Syria. He also saluted the resisting national media which has proved its ability to go to battle with high efficiency side by side with the army heroes.

“The landmarks of sovereignty and dignity generated by October Liberation War are now being crystallized at their best through Syria’s steadfastness, the loyalty of its people and the valor of its ideologized army,” said Lt. Gen. al-Freij.

Despite all the conspiracies and pressures faced over decades now, the Minister added, “Syria’s sons today, just like during Tishreen War, are committed to the components of identity and are against all forms of domination and submission”.

The Defense Minister stressed that what Syria is now facing is due to its rejection of giving up the components of dignity and sovereignty and abandoning its rights as well as due to its determination to foil the conspiracy and thwart the conspirators. He considered that the developments and repercussions witnessed in the world stress the continued confrontation between the advocates of the Western-U.S.-Zionist project and the advocates of freedom, peace, sovereignty and dignity across the globe.

The Minister affirmed that the most serious chapters of the conspiracy on Syria are faltering and the fleeing groups of wahhabi and al-Qaeda-linked mercenaries are being crushed under the feet of the Syrian army heroes.

Along with this, Lt. Gen. al-Freij stressed that the misleading media seems to have lost credibility and efficiency and Syria’s friends are today dead set against monopolizing the international decision and to fold the page of unilateral polarity to be replaced by a multi-polar world that respects the countries’ sovereignty and prevent intervention in their affairs.

“Our armed forces today are more resolved to restore security and stability to Syria and cut off the hand of whoever tries to harm it and eliminate the remnants of defeated terrorists wherever they are,” Minister al-Freij reiterated. He however noted that the homeland’s door is still open to all its sons, including those who were misled and want to go back on track under the homeland’s umbrella after the army’s steadfastness and the Syrians’ will demonstrated that there is no future for those who takes up arms against the homeland.


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