Information Minister: What Davutoglu Said Reflects Obvious Political and Diplomatic Confusion

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi affirmed on Monday that what Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said reflects obvious political and diplomatic confusion and blundering.

During his meeting with popular activities, al-Zoubi said “Turkey isn’t the Ottoman Sultanate; the Turkish Foreign Ministry doesn’t name custodians in Damascus, Mecca, Cairo and Jerusalem.”

The information Minister advised the Turkish government to step down in favor of figures that are accepted by the Turkish people, which would benefit Turkey.

He stressed that the Turkish government must stop destroying the future of the Turkish people, noting that Turkey’s weight has decreased greatly under the current government.

Al-Zoubi: What is Happening in Syria is Terrorism in all Its Forms

Minister al-Zoubi said that Syria was among the first countries to call for differentiating between the concepts of resistance and terrorism as part of the Syrian people’s values rejecting occupation and domination.

During a lecture at the “International Terrorism between Policies and Law” seminar, al-Zoubi said that the USA and the West ignored Syria’s aforementioned call as they are organically connected to the Israeli occupation entity, adding that the West and the USA refuse such differentiation as they wanted to consider the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine, and later in Iraq, as terrorist organizations.

On the events in Syria, al-Zoubi said that there is no doubt that what has happened is merely terrorism since the beginning of the crisis, adding that people who disagreed with the persons who pretended to be carrying out a revolution were listed on “shame lists”.

Minister al-Zoubi said that this intellectual terrorism was planned and organized by local sides connected partly to external agendas, highlighting that the external element shifted to be the leader of the crisis.

He underlined that the diplomatic and political efforts exerted by some external powers at international forums were just a cover for opening offices to recruit Jihadists, bring mercenaries and fund the gunmen in Syria.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian leadership is always ready to hold national dialogue for the Syrian political and social powers with the aim of achieving Syria’s higher national interests and preserving the unity of land and sovereignty as the sole way to achieve the political pluralism.

He added that “The refusal of some sides to hold dialogue doesn’t mean that Syria will fall, as the national powers that call for dialogue will defend Syria and make the confrontation with the external project more difficult.”

“National powers should shoulder their national, historic and political responsibilities and face this external project,” he said.

Al-Zoubi underscored that part of the Syrian internal opposition, in a conference held few days ago, called for an international conference with the participation of countries which took hostile stances against Syria- particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA and France, pointing out to the clear role of these countries with all their tools in the crisis in Syria.

He tackled the issue of the initiatives provided to solve the crisis in Syria and how they were silenced by the same sides which called for them because they didn’t actually want to convey the reality of the events, rather they wanted to portray the Syrian state, with all of its governmental, security and military institutions as a killer and corrupted.

He concluded by saying that the main problem lies in some of the opposition forces which suffer form a political and ideological neurosis and are unable to get rid of it.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh – SANA – October 8, 2012

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