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The armed forces continued on Monday the clearing operations in Aleppo province, destroying a number of DShK-equipped vehicles and hideouts of terrorists in several areas in Aleppo city.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the armed forces units destroyed a factory for hand rockets and an armored car and killed the terrorists in it.

The source added that the units also destroyed 3 DShK-equipped vehicles and two other cars in addition to a training center for terrorists and killed 6 RPG shooters and snipers at Dawar al-Shaar in Aleppo.

The  source said that a unit of the armed forces destroyed a DShK-equipped vehicle and killed the terrorists unsing it near al-Thura bakery in al-Marjeh. The unit also destroyed two mortars at Dawar al-Halwani area.

Another unit eliminated tens of terrorists in a qualitative operation carried out against terrorists’ hideouts in Karm al-Jabal and destroyed five DShK-equipped vehicles and a mortar in Khan al-Raslan area.

Meanwhile, an army unit killed six terrorist RPG shooters and 2 snipers in al-Sukkari neighborhood, arresting terrorists Khalil Omar Agha and Hassan Othman Hameed. Terrorist Hamid Marwan Qassab, a leader of an armed terrorist group in al-Sukkari neighborhood, was arrested after he was injured by the gunfire of the Syrian army.

The Armed Forces destroyed a factory for making hand grenades and an armored vehicle with terrorists inside of it. Three DShK-equipped vehicles , two vans and a center for training terrorists were also destroyed in al-Shaar Roundabout.

An armed forces unit carried out an operation near Assan bridge in Aleppo countryside, resulting in the death of Ali Mohammad al-Nabhan, a terrorist group leader, along with his entire group.

An official source said that the operation also resulted in the destruction of al-Nabhan’s DShK-equipped car, adding that a number of terrorists fired RPG rounds at the town of Assan whose locals welcomed the army forces.

The Armed Forces eliminated several terrorist groups’ leaders and destroyed an ammunition warehouse near Hamza Mosque on Sheikh-Lutfi road in Aleppo.

The armed forces carried out qualitative operations destroying two DShK-equipped vehicles and a 500-mm machinegun in al-Kallaseh.

The armed forces killed 7 terrorists, including a foreign sniper in Bustan al-Qasr and eliminated several terrorists in al-Haidarieh area.

Three DShK-equipped vehicles and a machinegun were destroyed in al-Jaloum area.

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists, Seize Large Amounts of Weapons in Damascus Countryside

A unit of the armed forces eliminated a group of terrorists in Zbdeen town in the eastern Ghota in Damascus Countryside.

On the other hand, the authorities killed many terrorists and confiscated big amounts of weapons and ammunition during clashes with armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Sheeh, al-Abbasiyeh and Zakiyeh in the countryside of Damascus.

An official source told SANA reporter that the confiscated weapons included machine guns, RPG launchers, anti-armor missiles, different sorts of ammunition, grenades, remote detonators, wireless communication devices and some documents related to the terrorist groups.

Border Guards Foil an infiltration attempt  from the Lebanese lands

Border Guards Foil an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from the Lebanese lands into Syria through al-Aboudiya crossing point.

DShK-equipped Cars Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Homs Countryside

A unit of the armed forces destroyed a DShK-equipped car and killed a number of terrorists in al-Ziraa village in al-Qsier countryside in Homs.

Terrorist Abdul-Karim al-Shami, leader of the armed terrorist group, was identified among the dead.

A unit of the armed forces seizes a vehicle equipped with DShk machinegun, Kills tens of terrorists in al-Quseir countryside

A unit of the armed forces seized a DShK-equipped vehicle that terrorists were using to attack civilians in al-Hasibeh village in al-Quseir countryside in Homs.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that armed forces unit carried out several qualitative operations in al-Atfieh, al-Ziraa and al-Hasibeh villages in al-Quseir countryside, adding the qualitative operations resulted in killing tens of terrorists.

60 Anti-tank Mines, 18 Explosive Devices Dismantled in Daraa

A unit of the armed forces and dismantled 60 anti-tank mines and 18 explosive devices planted by the armed terrorist groups on the roads of al-Karak al-Sharqi town in Daraa.

The army unit also seized 4 mortars and large amounts of ammunition.

Armed forces seizes 4 mortars, eliminates several terrorists in Daraa countryside  

A unit of the armed forces seized a large amount of ammunition and weapons, including 4 mortars and machineguns in al-Kark al-Sharqi in Daraa countryside.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a unit of the armed forces dismantled 60 anti-tank mines and 18 roadside bombs.

The source added that the armed forces eliminated a large number of terrorists in Daraa countryside.

Authorities Storm Terrorists’ Hideout in Hasaka 

 The authorities stormed a hideout for terrorists in Abu Bakr village in the countryside of Hasaka, arresting a number of terrorists and seizing their weapons.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the seized weapons included 3 pump-action rifles, 3 pistols and ammunition.

Cars Destroyed, Terrorists Eliminated in Raqqa

A unit of the armed forces destroyed two cars and eliminated a number of terrorists in Tal Abiad in the countryside of Raqqa.

4 Snipers of Non-Syrian Nationalities Shot Dead in Deir Ezzor

An army unit killed 4 snipers of non-Syrian nationalities in al-Mowazafin neighborhood in Deir Ezzor.

Arab Agencies English Bulletin – October 9, 2012

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