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The Syrian People’s Assembly strongly condemned the escalating Israeli transgressions against the Islamic and Christian sanctities in the occupied Palestine, the last of which when a number of Zionist settlers , protected by the occupation forces, stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque square and attacked the worshippers and prevented them from performing Friday prayers, not to mention desecrating Christian sanctities in the occupied Jerusalem with racial writings.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the People’s Assembly said that the continuous Israeli violations against the Islamic and Christian sanctities cannot be separated from the campaigns targeting Islamic and religious symbols, particularly those which offended the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in some western countries, adding that the sides behind these violations and assaults have one goal.

The statement added that the silence of Arab governments that claim to defend Muslims over the escalating and organized terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities against Islamic and Christian sanctities in the occupied Jerusalem is a shame.

The People’s Assembly considered these countries’ failure in shouldering their responsibility in putting an end to these violations make them partners in the crime as they encourage the Israeli occupation to persist in its violations and step up their juadization policies to change the historic and cultural aspects of Jerusalem and obliterate the Arab and Islamic identity of the city.

The statement called upon the Arab and Islamic peoples and their parliaments to take serious measures to pressure their governments to stop the Zionist practices and prevent the Israeli occupation from implementing its scheme in juadizing Jerusalem and changing its demography through destroying Palestinian neighborhoods, forcing Palestinians to leave the city and juadizing the Islamic and Christian sanctities to eliminate the Palestinian existence.

It also called upon the international community and the international organizations and bodies to shoulder their responsibility in ending the repeated and serious violations of the international laws and conventions , to protect the humanitarian and cultural heritage of Jerusalem and to make the occupation government understand that it will not escape punishment for its crimes.

The People’s Assembly urged Arab, Islamic and international media institutions to expose the Israeli occupation’s crimes and racial policies against Muslims and Christians and its attempts to change the historic aspects of Jerusalem.

The statement called upon Palestinians to overcome their disputes and unite their ranks to face the Israeli occupation.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael – SANA – 12/10/2012

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