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The Turkish Sol Haber website stressed that the Syrian-Turkish border area has been transferred into a center for armed terrorist groups and foreign spies with the support of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government which ignore the infiltration of terrorist gunmen to Syria across the borders.

The website stressed that there are evidence on that the AKP government is ignoring the terrorist infiltration attempts to Syria across the Turkish borders since the beginning of the events.

It added that the AKP government turned the border with Syria into a center for those who call themselves armed Syrian opposition members, foreign spies and other various groups.

The website supported its evidence with the interview made by the CNN Turk TV with gunmen from the mercenary terrorist groups which call themselves “the Free Army” in the bordering town of Akcakale, as one of the gunmen stressed that he was going to cross the border in the next ten minutes to participate in armed operations in Syria.

It also cited another violation committed by the governor of Kilis city, Yusuf Odabas, and Head of Gaziantep municipality, Asim Guzelbey, who crossed the borders and met the armed terrorist groups.

It highlighted the statements of members of the Republican People’s Party about the presence of gunmen inside Apaydin Camp on the border with Syria.

The website referred to an article published by journalist Fehim Tastekin in the Turkish Radikal newspaper on August 27th stressing that there is not any form of monitoring on the Syrian-Turkish borders and that arms smuggling operations are conducted through three villages in Yayladağı city and the cities of Rehanli and Altinozu.

The journalist added that smuggling heavy weapons and terrorists to Syria is carried out via buses and ambulances through Kozan and Oncupinar crossings in Kilis.

Turkish Yurt Newspaper: US-backed Foreign Jihadists Carry out Terrorist Bombings in Syria

The Turkish Yurt Newspaper stressed that the US-backed foreign jihadists have been carrying out suicide and terrorist bombings in Syria after their failure in the war waged against the Syrian people and government.

In a report about the events in Syria, the newspaper reporter in Damascus, Omer Odemis said that what is taking place in Syria stresses the existence of terrorist jihadists who launch a war against the Syrian people, government and the public and private properties, a fact that has been recognized by all foreigners who have seen the events and met the citizens, despite some western countries attempts to depict what is happening is Syria as a popular revolt.

The reporter added that these armed terrorist groups attack the Syrian people and the law-enforcement forces in rural areas which make the living conditions there very difficult due to the terrorist practices forcing citizens to leave their houses and villages.

Turkish Journalist: Those Who Think They Can Topple Syria Easily are Mistaken

The Turkish Journalist Metin Munir said that the Turkish government is unable to implement its threat of waging a military aggression against Syria because of the economic situation in the country since any such probable war would lead to a great economic crisis in Turkey.

In an article published by the Turkish Milliyet Newspaper, Munir said that whoever thinks that he is able to topple Syria easily is mistaken, scoffing at Turkish officials who talked about the ability of the Turkish army to launch attack against Damascus in few hours to convince the Turkish people that as if this war is just a picnic.

“We have to ask those geniuses that if you entered in few hours, would you be able to return in few hours and would you find Turkey as you left it?” he asked mockingly.

Munir said that any possible war might result in halting foreign funds to Turkey, especially that the Turkish economy’s inability to ensure foreign currency has weakened the economy, adding that the economic growth in Turkey started to slow due to procedures adopted by the AKP government.

He added that deploying military forces on the Syrian borders requires high expenses and additional funds to purchase military equipment, while the economic situation in Turkey is suffering in light of the price rise.

Turkish Website: Grounding Syrian Civilian Plane part of AKP Government’s Provocative Acts

The Turkish news portal “Sol” said that the grounding of the Syrian civilian plane by the Turkish authorities is part of the provocative acts carried out by the government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The site said that the Turkish authorities’ act violates the international aviation’s rules, adding that if the AKP government is searching for weapons, then it should check the arsenals of the extremist groups which are committing massacres in Syria under the protection and support of the AKP.

The website stressed that the logistic and military support provided by the AKP government to the armed terrorist groups in Syria is the most dangerous path in Turkey’s political relations with a neighboring country.

The website said that it is well-known that gunmen have been infiltrating to Syria through the Turkish lands, adding that weapons are being sent to the gunmen via the Turkish ambulance vehicles.

The site pointed out to the coordination between the armed groups in Syria and the Turkish army, adding that there are several reports which unveiled that there are Turkish spies commanding the operations of these armed terrorist groups against the Syrian army inside Syria.


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