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Sanctions imposed by the European Union to Syria are striking the heart of the Syrian people

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday said that ”In yet another move that proves the colonial mentality that some European countries insist on following in dealing with the events in Syria, the EU announced a new package of sanctions against Syria which target the livelihood of the Syrian people and various economic sectors that directly affect providing the basic needs for them”.

The source told SANA that the EU insistence on imposing unjustified economic sanctions has no legal or moral basis as they contradict the international law and depend on fabricated information that go against the EU claims of caring for the interests of the Syrian people, as the Syrian citizen is targeted in his livelihood and is turned into one receiving humanitarian aid.

”How can the EU justify its care for the wellbeing of the Syrians as it imposes sanctions targeting the sectors of energy, banks, transport and health, and prevent any the possibility of importing basic needs including the medical equipment and incurable diseases’ drugs?,” the source inquired.

The source added that ”the policy of imposing sanctions on Syria is a new episode of the political, financial and media support provided by European countries to the armed terrorist groups which are targeting the Syrian state and people, and is a direct support to the parties interested in prolonging the crisis that the international community agreed unanimously on settling through national dialogue among the Syrians as to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria away from foreign interference.”

‘Syria affirms that such unilateral, unethical sanctions won’t weaken the will of the Syrian people in preserving the dignity, stances and heritage of their country, and the Syrian government will do its duty to overcome these inhumane sanctions, ” the source concluded.



Le sanzioni imposte dall’Unione Europea alla Siria colpiscono al cuore il popolo siriano

Una fonte ufficiale del Ministero degli Affari Esteri della Repubblica Araba Siriana ha ribadito che il pacchetto di sanzioni imposte dall’Unione Europea alla Siria colpiscono al cuore il popolo siriano, ed in particolare settori dell’economia siriana, vitali per la sopravvivenza umana, e non hanno alcuna base e fondamento legale o etico.

L’ennesimo pacchetto di sanzioni imposte non è altro che l’atto finale dell’appoggio politico, finanziario e mediatico, da parte di alcuni Paesi Europei, ai gruppi terroristici armati che vogliono colpire il Paese e il suo Popolo, oltre a costituire supporto diretto a quelle parti che mirano ad estendere la crisi in tutta la Regione, a scapito della sovranità, dell’unità e dell’integrità del territorio siriano, cercando di perseguire obiettivi politici delineati da tempo.

La Siria ribadisce che simili sanzioni unilaterali ed immorali non avranno alcun effetto sulla volontà del popolo siriano, che preserverà legittimamente ed in ogni modo la sua dignità, le sue posizioni ed il suo patrimonio.

Il Governo della Repubblica Araba Siriana assolverà al proprio dovere, assumendosi le proprie responsabilità e riuscendo a superare gli effetti negativi di queste sanzioni disumane.


M. Ismael – SANA – 18/10/2012

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