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Mikdad: Exceptional Circumstances in Middle East Resulted from Deadly Mistakes of US Policy

Nov 07, 2012  Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, stressed that what is required from the US President Barack Obama is to find just solutions to the issues in the Middle East region after the deadly mistakes committed by the US administration in the last two years.

In a phone call with the BBC TV Channel, Mikdad said what is required now is to exert more efforts to achieve global stability and solve international problems.

He added that the Syrian people expect that the US would contribute to finding just solutions to the issues of the Middle East as the exceptional circumstances over the last two years, especially in the Arab region, were the result of deadly mistakes in the US policy towards the Middle East and the unlimited support of the previous US administration for Israel.

He said that the Syrian people closely followed the US elections due to its significant role in making international policies, denying any communications between the Syrian leadership and the US administration.

On the possibility of the US to change its stance in favor of military intervention in Syria after the re-election of Obama, Mikdad said that the US, after being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic crisis in the country, is still unable to interfere again in any part of the world, and this means that we didn’t rule out 100% that the US administration , under certain pressures, would launch foolish acts, but this didn’t happen during the last period,  adding  “We expect that the US under the new circumstances, will not take such step because it will be destructive.”

Mikdad said that “We follow up on other aspects of intervention in Syria’s internal affairs whether through the US support to the media or to the armed terrorist groups in Syria which is no longer a secret or keeping silent towards the terrorist acts of these groups at a time the whole world expected that after the events of September 11th, the US will stand against such practices in Syria or in any other part of the world as they would have negative repercussions on the US, the region and the whole world.

He added “I expect that a major country such the US will not use the policy of double standards which the previous and current US administrations have adopted, hoping that the new administration will restore its role which goes in line with the stances of China and Russia that proved their commitment to the need for solving the problems of the world through peaceful means and not interfering in the internal affairs of countries, in addition to respecting the UN Charter, pointing out that these principles and rules are the basis for formulating the new international order and without them, there will not be a stable international order in the world.

R. Raslan/ Mazen – SANA – 7/11/2012

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