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LATTAKIA – Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, on Sunday stressed that the aggression against Syria is doomed to failure no matter how long it lasts and regardless of its cost thanks to the Syrians’ belief and their cultural deep-rootedness.

Meeting journalists at the Culture House in Lattakia, the Minister said the conspirators against Syria are seeking through their aggression to create a sedition inside the society to undermine the values of the prevailing co-existence in the country.

He hailed the role of the Syrian journalists in facing the conspiracy during the crisis in terms of their many psychological, material and human sacrifices they have offered stemming from their high sense of responsibility and true national feelings.


Minister al-Zoubi underscored the full freedom of all the workers in the editing, radio, TV and other media sectors in the framework of objective and constructive criticism.

He asserted that the Ministry, with its various institutions, has plenty of human, technical and administrative potentials that are to be invested in the upcoming media plan.

“This requires forming work teams with collective spirit particularly through the currents crisis, which demands prioritizing the general interest over the private one with regard to the professional and national issues,” the Minister added.

He stressed that work is underway to upgrade the level of national journalism technically and investing the national resources, which have resulted recently in the launching of new TV channels and radio stations.

The Information Minister discussed with the workers in the media establishments in Lattakia a number of the difficulties and obstacles facing their work, stressing the Ministry’s efforts and readiness to deal with and overcome those difficulties as soon as possible.

Governor of Lattakia, Suleiman al-Nasser, said during the meeting the unjust war waged against Syria by Western and Arab parties necessitates that “we be up to the challenge, particularly in the media field, to face the falsification of facts and media instigation campaigns launched against the Syrian people.”


Minister al-Zoubi met on Saturday with Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) branch in Lattakia, Ahmad Shreitah, the Secretary of the BASP branch of Tishreen University, Ghaleb Shhada, and Governor al-Nasser.

The talks discussed the media situation in the province, with the Minister stressing that “the Syrian journalists are real soldiers alongside the Syrian Arab Army.”

He highlighted that “the escalation of the armed groups’ terrorist acts over the past period reflects the bankruptcy and inability of the advocates of the conspiracy and their tools to achieve their goals.”

Al-Zoubi added that it was the Syrians’ awareness and adherence to their national unity which constituted the solid base for foiling the plots targeting their homeland.

Later on the day, during his meeting with journalists and media cadres in Tartous, the Information Minister stressed the importance of investing the human and administrative cadres at the media institutions in a correct way to contribute to reporting the truth about the events in Syria and facing the misleading media.


“Our option is confrontation and sacrifice for the sake of our principles and not allowing Syria’s enemies to pass their schemes,” said al-Zoubi, calling on all national opposition figures to appear on the national media forums to express their demands and contribute to building the homeland.

The meeting was attended by Secretary of the BASP branch in Tartous, Hassan Shaaban, and Governor of Tartous, Nizar Moussa.

H. Said – SANA – 11/11/2012