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Terrorists & Mercenaries Killed, Vehicles Armed with Heavy Weapons Destroyed in Several Syrian Areas

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Huseinyeh in Saida Zeinab area in Damascus Countryside and killed all of its members.

An official source told SANA reporter that leader of the group, terrorist Mohammad al-Batal, was identified among the dead.

The source said that a DShK-equipped vehicle was destroyed and weapons and ammunition were seized.



Terrorists Attack Mosque and Private Properties in Daraya

A unit of the Armed Forces killedscores of terrorists in the eastern fields in Daraya.

An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in Bab al-Hadid area in al-Mazarib in Daraya.

The source added that the Armed Forces released tens of residents, the majority of them are women and children, who were besieged and kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups to use them as human shields.

An armed terrorist group attacked al-Tawba Mosque and a number of shops and houses on factories road in Daraya in Damascus Countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that an armed terrorist group desecrated al-Tawba Mosque and set fire to its contents before they stormed several shops in factories road in Daraya city, where sabotaged and stole them.

The source added that the terrorists attacked the neighboring buildings, as they made holes in the walls of the houses to flee easily from the area.

The body of the terrorist Jamal Wehbi, one of the most dangerous wanted terrorists, was identified among the dead.

The armed forces also discovered a workshop for manufacturing explosive devices, in addition to ten explosives and they also discovered a tunnel for hiding weapons and ammunition.



Military Unit Inflicts Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Erbeen

The military units clashed with terrorists in Erbeen, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

An official source told SANA reporter that a military unit clashed with the terrorists in Ghubeir Square, killing many of them and injuring others.

Armed Forces Eliminate Dangerous Terrorists in Hujaira and al-Ziyabiye in Damascus Countryside

An Armed Forces unit clashed with terrorist groups that were carrying out acts of murder pillaging and robbery in the towns of Hujaira and al-Ziyabiye in Damascus Countryside, eliminating a number of them.

A number of very dangerous terrorists were killed in Hujaira, including a terrorist group leader called Mohammad Younes al-Idelbi, in addition to destroying two cars which were used to transport terrorists, weapons and munitions, in addition to two motorbikes used by the terrorists.



Terrorists Killed, Their Vehicles and Weapons Destroyed in Aleppo and its Countryside

Units of the Armed Forces killed scores of terrorists in Aleppo city and destroyed a large number of vehicles, some of which were equipped with anti-aircraft machineguns.

An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit destroyed a field hospital inside a hideout for terrorists, two anti-aircraft machineguns and six vehicles equipped with DShK machineguns near Baedin roundabout in the city.

The source added that the operation resulted in killing a number of terrorists and the injury of others, including Khaled al-Nuaimi, the Imam of an armed terrorist group.

It indicated that another army unit destroyed five cars and a bus carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition near al-Kindi Hospital in Handarat.

The armed forces destroyed 12 pick-ups and a private car loaded with weapons near al-Bakara Mosque, in addition to destroying a pick-up equipped with DShK machinegun near the Tobacco Establishment.

The source said that a number of terrorists were killed at the grocery market, including terrorist Hassan al-Kabara, the leader of an armed terrorist group.

The armed forces also carried out operations targeting terrorist hideouts in Bab al-Hadid roundabout, al-Zahrawi Souq, Dar al-Shifa’a Hospital in al-Sha’ar area, al-Gondol roundabout, near the park in Bustan al-Qasr, near al-Zarzur Hospital in al-Ansari al-Sharqi area, near the youth housing in Baadin, in al-Barrad area, and al-Qabban in Bab al-Nairab.

These operations resulted in the death of tens of terrorists and the destruction of their weapons and equipment.

A number of citizens were injured when a terrorist group led by Abdeljabbar al-Nabhan opened fire on a mass protest demanding that terrorists leave the area that came out of a mosque in al-Marjeh roundabout after the funeral of Tuesday massacre in which terrorists murdered nine people from al-Jleilati family.

In Aleppo countryside, an armed forces unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorist groups southeast of Manbej enar Tishreen dam, destroying four vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns and four other vehicles transporting weapons, munitions and terrorists.

Another unit targeted gatherings of terrorists in Abtin south of Aleppo city, al-Zarbeh, al-Sabbagh castle in Endan, Daret Azza, al-Atareb, near Bulbul factory, and near the cemetery in Beshqatin, killing and wounding many terrorists.

Among the dead terrorists were Omar Fayyad, a Saudi, and al-Mahdi al-Qahtani, a Kuwaiti.

Army Foils Infiltration Attempt in Al-Qseir

A unit of the Armed Forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists who tried to infiltrate to Syria from Lebanon on Wednesday.

SANA reporter was informed by a source in the province that the army killed scores of the terrorists, while the others fled back to Lebanon.

The source said that the clash took place in Jouseh area in al-Qseir in Homs countryside, adding that the fleeing terrorists left behind large amounts of weapons, ammunition and medicine.

Armed Forces Continue to Pursue and Eliminate Terrorists in Homs and its Countryside

In Homs city, an Armed Forces unit carried out an operation against a terrorist group calling itself “al-nasser l’deen Allah” that was terrorizing locals near the Registry Department and al-Qassimi Mosque and east of al-Turkman Mosque in the Bab Houd neighborhood and Bab l-Turkman area.

This operation resulted in the destruction of a stolen car that the terrorists had been using to transport weapons, munitions and mercenaries between Bab Houd and Bab l-Turkman.

Large gatherings of terrorists were also eliminated in Bustan al-Diwan, al-Hamidiye and al-Warshe, and a sniper who was targeting passersby in Khaled bin al-Walid street was also eliminated.

In Homs countryside, an Armed Forces unit eliminated terrorists near Marine bakery and the cemetery in Teldo in al-Houleh area, including terrorists Jihad Harfoush and Mohammad Tayyara.

Another unit destroyed a car equipped with a machinegun and eliminated a number of terrorists during an operation targeting gatherings of terrorists in al-Haydariye and al-Hamidiye in al-Qseir countryside.

Terrorists, including Jubhat al-Nusra Members, Killed in Deir Ezzor

A unit of the Armed Forces killed the members of an armed terrorist group to the east of al-Rawda Mosque in al-Jbeileh in Deir Ezzor.

Terrorist Mohammad Abdul-Salam al-Haji Nayef from the so-called “Jund al-Aziz battalion” was identified among the dead.

Meanwhile, an army unit eliminated an armed terrorist group in al-Aardi neighborhood in Deir Ezzor. Terrorist Mohammad Nour al-Nadouf was identified among the dead.

The armed forces destroyed nine vehicles equipped with heavy and medium machineguns with all terrorists and weapons inside them in al-Mayaden.

The armed forces destroyed three cars with all gunmen, of Jubhat al-Nusra, inside them in al-Rahbeh Castle in Deir Ezzor.

Engineering Units dismantle 8 Explosives in Hama countryside

The Army Engineering units today dismantled  8 explosive devices planted by the armed terrorist groups on salhab-al-Skeilbiya in Hama countryside.

A source in the Province told SANA reporter that the each explosive weigh 40 KG prepared to be remotely detonated to target the innocents.


SANA – 21/11/2012

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