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The armed terrorist groups turned the safe houses of Daraya city in Damascus Countryside into dark prisons and transformed the joyful and happy life of its residents into a nightmare with their brutal acts.

The sound of bullets still ring loud in the ears of children and families, not to mention the terrorists’ threats to force the residents out of their houses and abandon their happy memories in the city.

The nine-year-old Qussai, who has been released by the Syrian army along with his family, related the details of the terrorists’ crimes in the city.

He said that the terrorist groups took families as hostages to commit their criminal acts, adding that the terrorists opened fire on their house while they were inside.

“The bullets broke the house’s windows and left holes in its walls,” said Qussai.

Families and their children were imprisoned in their houses and were exposed to the most cruel and brutal acts by the terrorists.

Child Abeer said that “the terrorists imprisoned us in one room and threatened us with their arms. We were waiting the army. We did not feel afraid because we were confident that the army will rescue us.”

The 14-year-old Muhammad described the evils of those terrorists who attacked his house and demanded his family to leave so that they would turn it to a center for their terrorist practices and attacks against the Syrian army.

“They locked us in a room as we rejected their demand. I thought they would kill us to take revenge. They started shooting randomly in the room to scare us, “he said.


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The terrorist groups’ acts were not limited to terrifying children and taking them along with their families as human shields. Their crimes extended to desecrate al-Tawbeh Mosque, built nine years ago, target its minaret and shatter its windows and doors.

The terrorist destroyed shops and small facilities and turned them into workshops to make explosive devices and spread terrorism and death in the city.

They also used the basements of some under-construction buildings to torture safe citizens after kidnapping them and punishing them for their love of the homeland which proved to be bigger than their love of their own lives.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun – SANA

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