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Syria: Turkey wants Patriot Missiles and Germany agrees

Germany wants to use patriot missiles as covering fire for Islamists.

The war and the violence is still raging in Syria, the killing continues as well as the blind support for all forces that want to overthrow the Syrian government and its president Bashar al-Assad, although a lot of means were and are against international law but the so-called democratic governments of the West just do not care about these laws as long as they can support the alliance of state terrorism that is headed by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama, by Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Germany is back on its road as a military power in Europe although the financing and the condition of a lot of areas in the German army (Bundeswehr) is not only questionable but bad. Therefore, there are the German tank deals with e.g. Saudi Arabia although the German chancellor should know that she equips a non-secular regime in the Gulf that has never attracted attention by its respect for women`s rights, human rights or for other sects and religions. On the contrary, the German government has equipped a regime with new modern tanks that is known as one of the worst regimes on this planet.



Of course, it is clear why Germany did it. Such arms deals are good for the German budget and it is good to do so in times of financial crisis. So, the so-called democratic German government does not care who buys its weapons and what the buyers will do with these tanks and rifles. In addition, as long as the United States and the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia are allies, it is ok to sell them some tanks, even if they meanwhile kill some Bahrainis in Bahrain.

Not to mention, according to a source in the German intelligence (BND), that the German government is blackmailed by the U.S. administration as well as by other governments and even companies to stick to this “policy” against some specific countries, even if these countries were previously very secular and not really a threat for Europe. Nobody of these Western powers does care about the minorities in Syria and also the Vatican has again showed its true colours. It is an organisation, nothing more, nothing less.

The people in Syria, who have to still finance their daily lives, no matter on which side they might be, are the biggest losers in the international tug of war about Syria. It is a fact and not to deny in any way, that the warring governments, which are directly or indirectly involved in the violence within Syria, certainly do not care about the democratization of Syria. The behaviour of these so-called democratic governments has already proven that peace and stability for the people in Syria is just trivial for them.

As the AIPAC tool Hillary Clinton has put it so nicely into words – it is the most important goal to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, and as it already became obvious in the first months of the violence in Syria, the lives of the people in Syria does not matter in this. But what will come afterwards? Honestly, nobody wants to deal with this question and all the possible answers. They, for example, the German government, only care about the possible financial benefits when they are able to “lead” Syria as well as the different areas like the Syrian economy. It is all about money. Nothing really new in this world.

One has already lost the track what really happens in Syria. This applies not only to the Syrian population, but also in full measure for the involved governments whose positions are not only clear but also violate international law. The support of radical elements, the arming of dubious fighters and groups, all this has already been a huge mistake in Libya and Libya is just one of the examples that the West is not able to keep control about the previously armed and equipped radicals.

Although the government in Damascus is located in an absolute stranglehold and has no more hope of a future involvement in the shaping of the country, there is no surrender and also the Syrian Arab army is still fighting against the Western-backed Islamists, mercenaries and against other radical elements and groups. The battles continue unabated. It is hard to say who has actually the upper hand in the violent struggle and it sure differs from region to region.

Although it is still claimed that the Syrian Arab army is much stronger than the armed forces of terrorists and Islamists in Syria, but it is no surprise that are more and more considerable doubts about this claim. The fact is that the Assad’s opponents in Syria are just as multifarious in their views as the so-called Syrian opposition in exile. All these opposition groups outside Syria have their own interests and even opinions; therefore it was and is no surprise that this opposition of exiles was only able to reorganize itself into a new propaganda tool after massive international pressure. So far, all these groups share one common goal, but nothing more.

It is a completely different question what are the motivations of the different “opposition groups” and the persons behind the pursuit of this common goal. Just as the different ideologies of the Western-backed fighters and radical groups in Syria. Their ideologies, intentions and aims, even dreams, are different. There is not much in common, so it is no surprises that some of these armed groups have already fought against each other in recent months. Of course, as it is just typical for these situations, there is also a struggle about power and benefits in and between these armed fighters within Syria and at the Syrian-Turkish border.

That Syria will remain so secular as it has been previously, is very unlikely.  Already from the beginning there were groups, which have supported and still support the establishment of an Islamic state in the future of Syria – and these groups are even supported by Western governments.

The “new” farce of the so-called opposition group, which was established in Doha, Qatar, has been already recognized by the Zionist government of France as well as by the Gulf Cooperation Council as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. In reality, it does not represent the majority of the Syrian people and it does not matter how often Western media is repeating this. This could means, if the Syrian government and Syrian president al-Assad are finally overthrown, there will be another fight in Syria.

Not all of the Syrian people will accept such a “regime change”, forced by foreign powers. In fact, one can assume that, at least, about 100,000 or 300,000 Syrian people in entire Syria will take up arms and fight against this new puppet regime. These Syrian people will not accept an Islamic state in Syria and indeed not a puppet regime that has been implemented by the United States and other Zionistic tools.

That a new opposition ambassador should soon begin his activity in the Zionist state of France is a funny fact for the majority of Syrians in Syria. Indeed, this step would be very funny if it would not be so sad that Western governments wilfully violate any international law in order to further boost their chances to achieve their aims. Of course, finally, it is no surprise that France is such a huge player against Syria and that the most supporters of the staged opposition outside Syria do even accept the old horrible French mandate flag of Syria as new Syrian flag. What a blow in the faces of the old resistance fighters.

In this week, the United Kingdom (UK) has also stated that it acknowledges the new “Syrian alliance” (Syrian farce) as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people in Syria. Of course, this step by Britain was easily to predict.

The old war criminals are the new war criminals and even the aims and reasons are similar. It does not matter whether there are new faces in Britain, France or Germany, or even which party is leading these countries, they (OK, the aims, intentions, reasons…) were and stay what they are – criminal imperialists, which want benefits, money, resources, more power and the hypocritical protection of the Israeli domination above occupied areas and above “the Arabs, the terrorists of Gaza” as well as the protection of the once illegal establishment of Israel. If fighting an illegal domination of a foreign power above the own country and soil means that you are a terrorist for the West, then call me a terrorist, baby.

But back to the war criminals in Britain – Britain’s Foreign Secretary Hague has guaranteed simultaneously a financial support and also held out in prospect that British troops are fully prepared to quickly take part in the fights if the “bloodshed in Syria could be stopped by it” – propagandistic wording, useful to brainwash the Western people.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Hague is a war criminal who should be arrested in a better world. The same applies for the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, the German chancellor, some French Ministers and, of course, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (not to mention, even for many more “democratic, peaceful” Western politicians). It is a shame that the national armies of these countries are wilfully the tools of such imperialistic violations of international law and even of human rights and human logic. To be honest, the national armies of so-called democratic nations should care about peace, not war. All the recent events make it clear that they have not yet given up the ideas of an open attack and military intervention in Syria.

This can be seen quite clearly in Germany – belligerence as a political agent; almost as in the “good old days”. The Turkish Erdogan regime has requested to position some patriot missiles at the Turkish border of Syria and states the on-going fighting at the Syrian-Turkish border as the reason for this request. Only three NATO countries have (officially) this kind of missiles: Germany, USA and the Netherlands.

Even before Turkey has issued such an official request for patriot missiles in direction to Germany, the German government has stated that they are prepared and willing to send such patriot missiles. The German clown in office, the Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who once has compared the German party CDU with the Salafists in Tunisia, has already endorsed this transaction of German weapons to Turkey, but at least, he also has conceded half-hearted, that the German Parliament would have to decide about this.

Now, since the official Turkish request is present since Wednesday, it is probably only a matter of time before Germany will send as one of the NATO allies some Patriot missiles to the Turkish-Syrian border but not to boost any process of peace, in contrary, the German Bundeswehr (German army) and these Patriot missiles will be used to give the Western-backed radical elements covering fire in order to establish a buffer zone in where the “Syrian National alliance” is able to set up a so-called new Syrian leadership without the danger of e.g. attacks from the air by the Syrian Air force.

Do they want to actually provoke an open war? These Patriot missiles only serve the goal to establish a so-called “No-Fly” zone over the northern part of Syria. All other claims are nonsense and just covers.

Even after the receipt of the request by Turkey, Germany is not obliged to act, but the German government is subordinated to others and this is one of the problems. The Germans oppose wars; but the huge propaganda by German media and by German politicians is working. So they are deceived like, for example, the British people some years ago. It is a commonly known procedure.

In terms of the Patriot missiles, the NATO members would have to meet and to unanimously decide about the deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey but international law is out of order when the main puppet masters have a common goal.

Even in such a situation, Germany would not have to act accordingly, but it seems that the German government wants to act as quick as possible in this context. Although the German population will be against this in the majority, the German Parliament will probably make a decision before Christmas – that will lead to the situation that the German army / government will send Patriot missiles to Turkey.

The Turkish JDP (AKP) regime, headed by the Ottoman-madman Erdogan, just wants to finally internationalize the “conflict” and the “help” of the NATO on own territory as if this would not already happen behind the curtains. Rasmussen has meanwhile reiterated that the Patriot missiles are only meant for the defence of Turkey – what is just another lie by Rasmussen.

The goal of the opponents of the majority in Syria is clear: The dictator has to go (or to die like Gaddafi). The current state in Syria is already bad but a benefit for the opponents. The destabilization of Syria was a goal and it has been achieved. It is no more the time to pretend stability and order, now it the time to unmask the real puppeteers behind the armed terrorists and Islamists and to initiate the final step. It’s better to make a painful break than draw out the agony, isn`t it?

But the expectations of such measures from the side of the Syrian government are not even worth to be mentioned. Considering all the months of this struggle in Syria, one could say, that on the one hand, the already known bad habits of the Syrian society have even triggered and boosted this situation, while on the other hand, the Syrian leadership has always just reacted to conditions and this even often too late – but also this is one of the bad habits that extends through the complete society – and not only through the Syrian society. Have a look to Egypt and other countries.

The country is weakened, isolated and just a bit or better said, rather no more capable of acting. This condition is a good position for the Western aggressors and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The ground is almost prepared to finally attack Iran. Of course, the war and ceasefire between the Israeli regime and Gaza is related to the Western approaches. All the events are connected.

The current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad will hardly be able to remain at his post, no matter what arguments and measures could still be there. Whether he will be able to persevere to the scheduled elections in 2014 is also questionable. As long as he is in office, it will go on like before: foreign powers boost the war and violence. If the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad will be no more in power / overthrown, there will be also violence, terrorism and a war in Syria.

The situation is already a horrible stalemate and the Syrian people have lost, so or so. The Western powers are guilty for the violence, the increasing dead and the strengthening of radical elements. That does not mean that the Syrian government is without guilt, but without the support and the engagement of the Western powers and the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it would have never went so far.  Shame on such so-called democracies.


By  Jerry Dandridge – Syrianews – November 22, 2012

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