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Heinous Crime against Four Citizens in Deir Ezzor

Various Weapons Seized Inside Car in Homs

Terrorists on Friday committed heinous crime against four citizens in Deir Ezzor , filmed it to send the footage to the satellite channels involved in the shedding of the Syrian blood to accuse the army of killing them.

An official source told SANA reporter that members of the armed terrorist groups “al-Modahameh (raid) battalion” and “al-Hamzeh bin Abdul Mouttaleb battalion” killed former al-Baath Arab Socialist Party member Mohammad Rashid Rwaili, retired Captain Mahmoud Assani, Fouad Ajaj and Nidal Ajaj.

The source added that the four citizens were killed because they refused to participate in the killing and sabotage acts committed by the terrorists in the city.

Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Deir Ezzor and its Countryside

A unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Jbeileh neighborhood, south to al-Fardows Mosque, and killed five terrorists.

An official source in the province said that terrorist Yasin Abdullah was identified among the dead.

The source added that the army unit clashed with another armed terrorist group in the same neighborhood, killing and injuring some of its members.Terrorist Bashar Hamid al-Balw was identified among the dead.

Another unit of the armed forces confronted terrorists in Cinema Fouad street and killed a number of them, in addition to destroying a car carrying terrorists and weapons.

In al-Bu Omar village in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, the Armed Forces targeted a gathering for terrorists, killing and injuring the majority of them.

Terrorists Ahmad Ibrahim al-Jasem, Ali al-Samir and Subhi al-Hammoud were identified among the dead.

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Various Areas in Damascus Countryside, Including Non-Syrian Members of Al Qaeda

Armed Forces units continued pursuing terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda in Zamalka, Erbin, Erin Tarma, al-Ziyabiye and Daraya in Damascus Countryside.

An Armed Forces unit targeted gatherings of terrorists in Zamalka and Erbin, inflicting heavy losses among them.

Another unit carried out an operation near al-Ghayda bridge in Ein Tarma valley, eliminating a terrorist group along with its leader, Samer Idris.

Other units clashed with terrorist groups in the towns of al-Hjeira, al-Ziyabiye and al-Buwayda, killing and injuring tens of terrorists, including non-Syrian terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda.

A car equipped with a DShK machinegun was destroyed along with the terrorists inside it in al-Hjeira, while an Armed Forces unit clashed with a terrorist group between al-Ziyabiye and al-Buwayda and eliminated a number of terrorists, some of them non-Syrians.

A terrorist group was also eliminated in al-Ziyabiye, including Walid al-Lubnani, a Lebanese of Palestinian origin, and Abudllah Dahhik and Ahmad Lafi.

In Daraya, Armed Forces units continued operations in the town’s neighborhood and targeted terrorist hideouts, killing and injuring many terrorists and destroying their weapons and munitions.

Armed Forces Continue to Target Gatherings and Bases of Terrorists in Aleppo and Its Countryside

In Aleppo city, Armed Forces units targeted gatherings and hideouts of terrorists in Bustan al-Qaser area near Huzayfa Mosque, al-Isharat area, the Old City near al-Asila Square, near the Justice Palace, and near al-Rifai’e Mosque in al-Sukkari.

Another unit stormed several terrorist hideouts near the Juveniles Prison, Nahr al-Dahab restaurant, Dawara factory, Tal al-Shair, and al-Maslamiya School in al-Maslamiya area, destroying these hideouts and killing or injuring the terrorists inside them.

In Aleppo countryside, an Armed Forces unit targeted gatherings of terrorists near the clinics in al-Atareb, the two gas plants, al-Bawari, and al-Sahaba Mosque in Kafer Naha, eliminating a number of them, in addition to eliminating terrorist bases and gatherings in the village of Fafin.

Child Martyrs in Terrorists’ Firing on March Demanding Their Exit in Aleppo

An armed terrorist group opened fire on a march in al-Marjeh Neighborhood in Aleppo, one child was martyred and several others wounded.

An official source told SANA reporter that hundreds participated in the march to demand the terrorists to exit their neighborhood.

The source added that the terrorists, whose leader is terrorist Jamal al-Ashqar, opened fire on the participants.

The source said that a child was martyred and another 10 persons were injured by the gunfire of the terrorist group, which is affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra terrorist group.

SANA reporter said that al-Marjeh Neighborhood has witnessed popular marches demanding the exit of the terrorists for four consecutive days.

A unit of the Armed Forces eliminated scores of terrorists near al-Rifa’I Mosue in al-Sheikh Lutfi area in Aleppo city.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorists Osama al-Nabhan and Mohammad Rajab al-Nabhan, who are members of Jabhet al-Nusra terrorist organization, were identified among the dead.

Various Weapons Seized Inside Car in Homs

The competent authorities on Friday seized a quantity of various weapons in a pickup car in the new al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs.

SANA correspondent quoted as source at the province as saying that the authorities suspected a parked car at the place with a forged plate.

Upon inspecting the car, an RPG launcher, three automatic rifles, pump-action rifle, two sniper rifles, two PKC machineguns, 15 explosive devices, video camera and a quantity of ammunition were found inside the car.

Engineering Units Dismantle 4 IEDs in Hama

Authorities on Friday dismantled four explosive devices planted by terrorists affiliated to “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorist organization in several areas in al-Ghab in Hama.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the engineering units dismantled three explosive devices, weighing 35 kg each, on al-Raseef- Shabha- al-Azizyeh road in al-Jisr area, adding that a 30-kg explosive device was dismantled in al-Sqailbyeh area.

In Hama city, terrorists blew up an explosive device planted behind Salaheddin Mosque in Janoub al-Malab area in the city.

SANA reporter said that the explosion caused only material damage to the area.

Authorities Seize Booby-Trapped Car in Idleb

Authorities seized a stolen Hyundai car loaded with explosives at al-Qusour Street in Idleb city late Thursday.

A source in the province told SANA that 30 kg of explosives were hidden in the car which was loaded with a number of explosive devices, adding that authorities dismantled the IEDs and confiscated the car.

Three Citizens Martyred in Suicidal Attack in Idleb

A suicide bomber detonated a booby-trapped car on Sirmeen-Idleb road on Friday, the car bomb resulted in the martyrdom of three citizens and the injury of many passers.

An official source told SANA that three citizens were martyred and others were wounded, adding that several wounded persons are in critical condition.

Terrorists Killed in Hama

A unit of the Armed Forces killed a number of terrorists and injured others in al-Hewash village in al-Ghab area in the countryside of Hama.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorist Turki al-Sweileh, the leader of an armed terrorist group in the area, was killed.


 Syrian Arab Agencies – 23/11/2012

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