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The General Command of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stressed that the armed terrorist groups’ attack against one of the Front’s camps in Damascus Countryside was carried out by the mossad tools on behalf of the Israeli occupation after the Tel Aviv operation.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Front said that the camp used to be a base for training thousands of Palestinian youths and hundreds of commandos who carried out qualitative operations against the Israeli occupation.

The statement added that the Israeli occupation attempted to penetrate the camp many times and failed, indicating that after the Front’s strong blow to the heart of Tel Aviv during the aggression on Gaza, the enemy resorted to its agents and tools to take revenge through blockading the camp, bombing its and trying to storm it.

It stressed that Palestine is the focus and nothing will deviate the Front’s from its goals, considering the attack as an attempt to take revenge after the failure in getting the Palestinian camps involved in the crisis in Syria and because of the Front’s political stance in condemnation of the international conspiracy launched against Syria due to its principled stance in support of the Palestinian people.

R. Raslan/ Mazen – SANA

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