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Damascus, 27/11/2012 – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi affirmed that Syrians will not permit the anti-Syria project to come to pass no matter the sacrifices this entails, saying that this is the decision of all Syrians regardless of their political affiliations.

In a speech on Monday during the memorial service of martyr Mohammad al-Ashram, the reporter of al-Ikhbariya TV who was killed in the line of duty by terrorists in Deir Ezzor, Minister al-Zoubi said that hirelings and mercenaries are as nothing compared to the greater majority of patriotic Syrians who work to build their country and sacrifice their lives to preserve its sovereignty.

“Those who defend Syria are the entirety of the Syrian people, including the Armed Forces… the secret of its steadfastness is all the Syrian, the civilians before the military personnel,” he said.

The Minister said that the conspiracy against Syria seeks to undermine the Syrian model with its national and pan-Arab dimensions, which is why western countries and its Arab agents are escalating, arming and funding because they know that the Syrian model cannot be undermined by slogans, fake protests and false claims of legitimate demands.

He stressed that the true scale of the confrontation isn’t relevant to the size of Qatar and Arab Gulf countries; rather it’s relevant to the size, greatness and pride of Syria and its people, which is why the Syrian state is still standing after twenty months of terrorism, destruction, vandalism, assassinations, car bombs, and IEDs.

 Al-Zoubi affirmed that the sacrifices of the martyrs of journalism, Armed Forces and all other sectors will not go to waste, saying that the confrontation is currently in its most complex stages, its highest and most difficult and violent points, and its widest in terms of geography, type of weapons used and all security and military standards.

He described the Doha coalition as ‘a gang’ due to its rejection of dialogue which the objective carrier of any political project or process, and due to this coalition’s calls for arming and violence and obliterating other political projects in favor of confrontation.

Meanwhile, the Syrian state and its parties and national and social forces have a political process with the headline of ‘going to war at any time,'” the Minister said, adding that the Doha coalition and its members who reside in Arab and foreign capitals who call for confrontation are responsible for the repercussions of violence and killing in Syria.

“How will the Doha coalition justify standing in the same line and forming a strategic alliance as a partner with Al Qaeda which brands all Syrians as infidels?” he wondered.

The Minister stressed the necessity of halting violence and putting arms aside, adding that the Syrian state is carrying out its duty in confronting attacks on freedoms and facilities.

He affirmed that the Syrian state is committed to launching an open political national dialogue, without any agenda, with all forces in the society under the title of national sovereignty, partnership and rejection of all forms of foreign intervention.

Minister Omran added that the Gulf funds and the instructions by Qatar or France are rejected and out from debate.

He added that rejection of foreign military intervention is the minimum of nationalism while the martyrdom of Mohammad al-Ashram, his colleagues and the army members constitute the maximum.

The minister expressed confidence that the crisis will come to an end and the Syrian state and people will win. Journalist Yara Saleh from al-Ikhbariya TV talked about the glory of martyrdom and martyrs.

H. Sabbagh/ Rasha/Mazen – SANA – 27/11/2012

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