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UNESCO Director-General Condemns Assassinations of Syrian Journalists

PARIS – Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, condemned the assassinations of a number of Syrian journalists during the current crisis, describing them as a crime against the individuals and society.

Bokova said in a statement that ”The retired journalist Naji Asaad, who was working at Tishreen Newspaper, was shot dead outside his house on January 4, and Bassel Tawfik Youssef, who was working at the Syrian TV was assassinated on November 21 in a suburb in Damascus, not to mention several other assassinations.”

Irina BokovaShe put the number of assassinations of Syrian reporters at 40.

Bokova expressed grave concern over the continuing killings that claimed the lives of several journalists during the past weeks in Syria.

”Killing journalists and bloggers is not only a crime against individuals and a violation of their freedom of expression, which is an inalienable right, but also a crime against the society’s right in obtaining information and participation in a democratic dialogue”. (M. Ismael)