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Triplice attentato terroristico colpisce il ministero degli interni causando 7 vittime e diversi feriti, oltre a ingenti danni materiali.

Terroristi hanno fatto esplodere un ordigno nascosto sotto un’automobile (minibus) privata nel quartiere residenziale di “Mazzeh 86”, a Damasco, davanti alla scuola elementare “Hafez Ibrahim”, causando 3 vittime tra cui un bambino, e lasciando altri decine di feriti tra i quali donne e bambini. L’esplosione ha inoltre causato ingenti danni ai palazzi  e alle automobili circostanti.

UN GRUPPO TERRORISTICO ARMATO HA LANCIATO RAZZI RPG  e colpi di mortaio sulla piazza Al-Kalahji sita alla fine della Strada Nile in un quartiere residenziale (Al-Bint al-Yatima), provocando 6 vittime e ferendo altre 8 persone. Ingente il danno materiale.




Five Martyred including People’s Assembly Member, 23 Injured in Three Terrorist Bombings Targeting Interior Ministry Building

Damascus and Provinces – 12/12/2012 – Three terrorist bombings took place on Wednesday evening, targeting the Interior Ministry building Kafarsouseh area in Damascus, martyring five and injuring 23.

A statement from the Interior Ministry said that at 5:20 PM of Wednesday 12/12/2012, three explosions took place in front the Interior Ministry building, two of them caused by explosive devices with a delay between the two, followed five minutes later by the explosion of car bomb carrying around 200 kilograms of explosives, martyring five and injuring 23, including civilians and Ministry personnel.

The statement said that the authorities at the Ministry began investigations and lifted evidence, remains of explosives, and body parts from the site and sent them to labs to uncover the details of this terrorists attack.

The Ministry affirmed that this criminal act will not dissuade it from combating terrorism along with the Army and Armed Forces, vowing to exert all its forces and sacrifice everything for the sake of the security of citizens and the country, stressing that it will show no leniency in pursuing murderous takfiri terrorists.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry announced that the Interior Minister and senior officers at the Ministry are safe and unharmed.


People’s Assembly Member Martyred in Terrorist Attack on Interior Ministry

Among that martyrs was member of the People’s Assembly for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Abdullah Kayrouz.

In a statement, the Politburo of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party said that the martyrdom of Kayrouz and other Syrians in the bombings that took place on Wednesday constitute clear evidence of the heinous, undiscriminating crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

The statement said that the Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemns terrorism and extremism and holds the western, Arab and regional forces that support terrorists groups responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood.

The statement affirmed that the blood of martyrs only makes Syrians more determined to confront the conspiracy targeting their homeland, and that terrorism will not dissuade them from carrying out their national duties and defending Syria’s unity and stability.

Kayrouz was born in the town of Kafer Takharim in Idleb. He assumed several posts in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party before becoming a member of its Politburo and a member of the People’s Assembly for Aleppo province.

Terrorists Detonate Explosive Device in Microbus in al-Mazzeh 86 Neighborhood, Martyring Three Citizens including a Journalist and Injuring Eight

Terrorists on Wednesday evening detonated an explosive device planted in a public transport minibus while it was in front of Hafez Ibrahim School in al-Mazzeh 86 neighborhood in Damascus, martyring and injuring a number of civilians including women and children.

A source at Martyr Yousef al-Azmeh Hosptial told SANA that the bodies of two martyrs arrived at the hospital, one of the a child, along with three people suffering critical injures due to the bombing.


A source at al-Muwasat Hospital said that the body of one woman who was martyred in the blast arrived at the hospital, along with five injure people, some of them women and children.

SANA’s reporter who visited the site of the attack said that the explosion destroyed the minibus completely and caused severe material damages to nearby cars and shops.

Al-Mazeh 86 was targeted several times by terrorists, most recently by an explosive device planted in a car near al-Saadeh bakery on December 6th which led to the martyring of one citizen and the injuring of others.

Journalist Anmar Yassin Mohammad who works at the News Center was among those who were martyred in this terrorist attack.

Mohammad worked as a chief editor and a program producer at the General Establishment of Radio and Television’s News Center, working on programs such as the daily news program Headlines and Columns and The World This Morning, in addition to working on a variety of other programs and interviews and as a field reporter.

Mohammad was born in 1973. He left behind a wife and two children.

One Citizen Martyred, Four Injured by Two Explosive Devices Blasts in Jaramana

Terrorists on Wednesday detonated two roadside bombs at the entrance of al-Qurayat neighborhood in Jaramana in Damascus Countryside, killing a citizen and injuring 4 others in addition to causing material damage.


A source at Jaramana Surgical Hospital told SANA reporter that a body of a martyr was admitted to the hospital, in addition to 4 citizens with light injures who were given necessary treatment.

Another source at al-Radi Hospital said that a citizen injured in the explosion was admitted to the hospital.

Member of Damascus Countryside Governorate Council, Iyad Barakat, said that the detonation of the two explosive devices took place near the Second Elementary School of Jaramana.

Terrorists Detonate 2 Explosive Devices in al-Qanawat, Citizen Injured

Meanwhile, terrorists blew up two explosive devices behind the Justice Palace building in al-Qanawat area in Damascus, injuring one citizen.


A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA reporter that the terrorists had attached one explosive device to a car, adding that the second one was planted between two parked vehicles.

The source said that one citizen was wounded by the terrorist attack, adding that there was material damage to the surrounding cars and stores.

A Number of Citizens, including Children, Martyred by Terrorists’ Shellfire in Aleppo

Terrorist groups fired a number of shells on al-Neel Street near the Orphaned Girl School, al-Qalaaji Hospital crossroad and the local market in Aleppo.

The terrorist attack caused the martyrdom of nine citizens at least, including children, a number of casualties and material damage.

An official source told SANA reporter that the authorities pursued the terrorists and clashed with them, killing and injuring many.

Photos of the Blasts that Targetted the Interior Ministry






Photos of the Terrorist Attack which Targeted a Minibus in al-Mazzeh 86 Neighborhood




  Photos of Roadside Bomb Explosions in Jaramana




                                              Photos of Terrorist Blasts in al-Qanawat





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