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Palestinian Popular Front in al-Yarmouk Camp


Palestinian Powers Call for Joining Forces to Expel Terrorists from al-Yarmouk

DAMASCUS, 17/12/2012 – The Palestinian Popular Front in al-Yarmouk Camp on Monday called upon all resistance factions to join forces to expel Al Qaeda-linked terrorists from the area and put an end to the attempts to draw the Palestinians into the internal crisis in Syria.

For it parts, the Palestinian Powers Coalition said that the attempts to enter al-Yarmouk camp by the armed terrorist groups will have dangerous repercussions on the Palestinian cause and on the role of the Syrian people and leadership who have been committed for decades to the Palestinian and Arab issues.

PFLP-GC Stresses Firm Stance Regarding Conspiracy and Universal War against Syria

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) on Monday stressed its firm stance regarding what is going on in Syria, particularly the conspiracy and the universal war being launched against it.

Spokesman for the PFLP-GC, Anwar Raja, told SANA that the statements which have been circulated by some media outlets do not represent PFLP’s opinion or stance.

He stressed that any statements that reflect the PFLP viewpoint are only issued by its central media department in Damascus.

SANA, 17/12/2012

SyrianFreePress.net Network  – 16/12/2012