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PROVINCES, (SANA) – An armed terrorist group attacked civilians in al-Qahtanieh town, western al-Raqaa province, and committed sabotage and terrorist acts, causing the martyrdom of several civilians, including women and children.

An official source told SANA reporter that a unit of the Armed Forces interfered and killed and wounded several terrorists.

Authorities Free 14 Citizens abducted by armed groups in Maharda, Hama

The competent authorities, in cooperation with the families, freed 14 citizens who were abducted by an armed terrorist group near al-Fares Pool in Maharda, Hama countryside.

A military Source told SANA reporter that the terrorists abducted 15 citizens in the morning after they stormed houses to the south-east of Maharda.

It added that work is underway to liberate a child who is still abducted.  

Armed Units Eliminate Terrorists who Tried to Capture Three Tank Trucks in al-Raqqa

The Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group which tried to capture three tank trucks in Maadan area in al-Raqqa countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that clashes resulted in killing terrorist Hussein Subbhi al-Aied and others, adding that terrorist Ahmad Fayad al-Nasser was arrested.

Armed Forces Destroy Weapons Caches and Dens, Eliminate Terrorists in Idleb

Units of the Armed Forces carried out a series of qualitative operations and eliminated several terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in Idleb countryside.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a unit of the Armed Forces destroyed a weapons cache in Taoum town in Idleb countryside and eliminated all terrorists inside.

The source added that another unit clashed with an armed terrorist group near Arab Said town and eliminated 6 terrorists and seized their weapons. 

On Idleb-al-Mastoumeh Highway, military engineering units dismantled an explosive device and deactivated another one weighing 40 kilograms each planted by terrorists to attack citizens.

In the town of Sarjeh in Jabal al-Zawye area, an Armed Forces unit targeted terrorist gatherings, eliminating a number of them and injuring others, while another unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in Wadi al-Dayef in Ma’aret al-Nu’man and destroyed a bulldozer the terrorists were using to demolish public and private property.

Armed Forces Foil Terrorist Infiltration Attempt from Lebanese Territories in Homs

A unit of the Armed Forces eliminated an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate into Syria  from the Lebanese territories in al-Qseir countryside in Homs province.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that an armed terrorist group fired at the Border Guard personnel and law-enforcement  checkpoints in Jousieh Farms before the Armed Forces confronted the group and eliminated most of its members.

The source added that terrorist Mohammad Nour Qubji who is the leader of “Islam Shield Battalion” was killed.

In Homs city, an Armed Forces unit carried out an operation in Deir Baalba neighborhood, eliminating a number of terrorists, including Safwan Ghazi Kanaan from Kata’eb al-Farouk and Khaled Anas Barazi, and injuring others.

Units of the Armed Forces Kill Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

Units of the Armed Forces clashed with Terrorists in Daryya city in Damascus countryside and eliminated several of them.

An official source told SANA reporter that terrorists Hani al-Najjar ,Alaa Hijazi ,Mohummed Yeiheh ,Abd al-Rahman Zaghloul and Fadi al-Hallaq  were identified among the terrorists who were killed during the clashes.  

Meanwhile, Units of the armed forces today eliminated armed terrorist groups in Yabroud and its farms in Damascus countryside.

A military source told SANA reporter that members of an armed group, who were perpetrating acts of killing, looting private and public properties,  were completely killed.

The source added that the army also destroyed cars that were transporting terrorists and their weapons on Ain Hussein road in the farms surrounding the region.  

Units of the armed forces also eliminated terrorists in farms of Doma, Harasta and Shebaa in Damascus countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that the army killed a number of terrorists in Harasta and Doma.. terrorists Abdul-Rahman al-Birnawi, leader of an armed group affiliated to the so-called “Liwaa al-Islam”, Andul-Rahma al-Toukhi, Basam al-Dora, Nour al-Din Amin, Ramez Qasem, Mohammad Khaled Amer and Fahid Fida were identified among the killed.

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists and Destroy Their Hideouts in Aleppo and Its Countryside

An Armed Forces unit eliminated a large number of terrorists who attempted to attack the Police Academy in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside.

The Armed Forces also destroyed terrorist hideouts and bases enar al-Nour Society, Tal Sgheib, Khan Touman, Qattan al-Jabal and al-Talleh in Andan area and in the village of Rasm al-Aboud and Meng, eliminating tens of terrorists and destroying 4 cars full of terrorists, weapons and munitions.

A convoy of nine cars loaded with terrorists, weapons and munitions was destroyed in between the areas of Bianoun and Mare’a.

The Armed Forces also targeted terrorist gatherings in the villages of Tal Refaat and Jabrin, eliminating a large number of them.

In the village of Jebrin, an Armed Forces unit eliminated a number of terrorists including a terrorist known as Abu Shamsi who leads a terrorist group calling itself “Katibet al-Khattab.”

In Aleppo city, gatherings of terrorists were eliminated in al-Naqarin, Bani Zeid and Bustan an-Qasr.


SANA – 26/12/2012

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