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Iranian Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Major-General, Hassan Fairouz Abadi

Iranian Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Major-General, Hassan Fairouz Abadi, stressed on Saturday that the US and the Zionist Entity are playing a crucial role in the aggression against Syria, while the others are being used just as tools.

In a statement, Fairouz Abadi said that the situation in Syria has been calm in the beginning and after the events in Egypt, a plot has been orchestrated against Syria and similar communities.

Fairouz Abadi pointed out that the terrorists who were deployed in Syria have started to attack civilians and exerted enormous efforts to make the regime fall, stressing that the number of terrorists in Syria is not large in comparison with the Syrian people and army, and they are weak in face of the Syrian people.

He added that the Syrian army is controlling all Syria, but it is normal that problems exist when neighboring countries cooperate with the terrorists.

Mehmanparast: All Countries of Region have to Help Establish Stability

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast said that all countries of the region have to help establish security and stability and not prepare the conditions for a military intervention in Syria, for the circumstances in the region are ”highly sensitive.”

In a press statement from Istanbul on Saturday, Mehmanparast considered that a military attack on a country will serve the interests of the Zionist entity, emphasizing the importance that the region’s countries, including Iran and Turkey, exert efforts for establishing security and stability.

”All who support an increase of violence and instability in fact defend the interests of the Zionist entity,” Mehmenparast said, indicating that the Iranian 6-point plan to solve the crisis in Syria focuses on a cessation of violence and helping the Syrian people get out of the crisis.

Larijani: Must Seek Political and Diplomatic Mechanism to Resolve Crisis in Syria

Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, stressed the need to seek a political and diplomatic mechanism to resolve the crisis in Syria, saying that reforms are carried out through dialogue and negotiations, not through arms and murdering innocents.

This came during Larijani’s meeting with Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Algerian Parliament, Ibrahim Boulahya.


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