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DAMASCUS – The periodic report issued by the International Commission of Inquiry last December 20 on Syria lacks the professionalism and neutrality, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.

In a letter addressed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) on Friday, the Ministry added that the report was characterized by hastiness in presentation of information depending on one side.

“The information were provided to the commission by one side without verifying their validity and in a way that lacks professionalism and neutrality,” the Ministry said in the letter.

The Foreign Ministry added that the International Commission of Inquiry resorted to information provided by countries which are directly involved in the crisis in Syria and have a direct interest in fueling the situation to attain gains at the expense of the Syrian people’s blood.

The Ministry said: ” The commission continues to use logistic issues as pretext to justify non-use of the documented and correct information provided by Syria to the UNHCR as it still insists that these information are incorrect or allegations.

“The commission’s presentation for what the armed terrorist groups are perpetrating are shy and too far from events,” the letter said.

It added that the commission touched upon a lot of issues, misinformation and incorrect legal arguments, which lay outside its powers, including its claims about using cluster bombs, the allegation which is completely unacceptable and so for the mandate given by the commission to itself regarding the investigation in international humanitarian law, while it avoided dealing with several important issues related directly to the human rights.

The Ministry reminded of some important issues related to human rights which the commission didn’t address such as the internationally dangerous precedent of destroying and stealing Aleppo factories and smuggling their contents to neighboring countries to destroy the national industry which was thriving before the crisis.

“This act, in its simplest legal manifestations, is considered a breach of the right to development, ” the Ministry said.

It added that the armed groups also stole warehouses of the medicines which the government obtained and secured to citizens with cheap prices, despite the sanctions imposed on importing a number of medications, while the armed group sold these medicines to neighboring countries or spoiled it to deprive Syrian people of it in a clear violation of the right to health.

The letter said the commission’s report didn’t set the side which is responsible for the crises of food, stealing and smuggling food and grain to some neighboring countries, spoiling agricultural crops to starve the Syrian people besides sabotaging the power-generating plants and preventing repairing them systematically,” the letter said, adding that such crises are fabricated which Syria has never seen before 2011.

The Ministry confirmed that the commission insistence on the investigation in international humanitarian law raises questions about reasons behind such behavior in addition to the other questions raised by statements and outcome reached by the commission which are escorted with the developments of the positions and statements of some countries regarding the crisis, while reason of the commission’s refusal to make use of the international anti-terrorism laws, including the relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions , is still unknown, although that they are the set of laws which are applicable to what is happening in Syria.

The Ministry expressed regret over the commission’s continued ignorance of Syria’s endeavors, from the beginning of the crisis, to clarify that there are specific external forces seeking to ignite sedition in Syria and issuing Takfiri fatwas to justify murder, torture, robbery, kidnapping and violation of all laws and international norms related to human rights.

It said: “These calls have fallen on deaf ears, the commission insisted on doubting the Syrian warnings and preferred to participate in the abuse campaign against Syria, where it paved the way for the unprecedented ongoing violations of all human rights in Syria by the armed terrorist groups,”

” It was expected that the commission read the complicated political geography of the area well before getting involved in such serious issues, while it was possible for the commission to benefit from the information presented by Syria in the appropriate time to contribute to stem the Syrians’ blood.

The Ministry said that several religions, sects and ethnics had lived on the Syrian grounds for thousands of years, forming a unique international model of coexistence and freedom of religion and belief, ” adding that it was expected from the commission to inquire about the factor which occurred in the Syrian society, a few months ago, and led to the unpleasant and unacceptable talk about sects and ethnics in Syria.

The Ministry expressed surprise over the commission’s non-investigation of the takfirist fatwas launched by some persons outside Syria regarding killing, raping and aggression on the components of the Syrian society.

The Ministry inquired why the commission didn’t reach the fact that ideologies and devilish acts of gunmen and those who support them are the fundamental factor which entered the Syrian society since the beginning of the crisis and responsible for what is happening in Syria.

The Ministry expressed regret over the commission’s claim that its information were taken directly from the victims while the report contains clear evidences on the use of undocumented information provided by non-governmental organizations and, sometimes, by the countries which are directly involved in the crisis in Syria and have direct interest in fueling the situation there to achieve private gains at the expense of the Syrian people’s blood.

The Ministry said that the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria has so far stopped short of talking about the role of the countries which are funding, arming and training gunmen and providing them with intelligence, media and political cover, and hindering national dialogue and the political solution to the crisis, expressing concern over the Commission’s negligence of this role.

The Ministry concluded its letter by saying that ”The Commission’s report has demonstrated again its lack of professionalism and neutrality, and that its findings are in tune with the political views of certain countries, as its focus on certain topics shifts according to the stances of these countries, which proves once again that it is not serious in dealing with the situation in Syria.

The letter indicated that “The Commission was presented with various opportunities to prove its neutrality and objectivity in tackling the events in Syria, but, regrettably, it has squandered every single opportunity.”

M. Ismael/ Ghossoun – SANA – 4/1/2013

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