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Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, said the armed groups in Syria and their guardians want to impose democracy by the force of arms and violence, stressing that this is not possible.

“After two years now they have realized that it’s not possible to solve problems by mobilizing armies and sending the money and weapons,” Larijani pointed out in a press statement on Saturday.

“They will realize in the future what trap they have fallen into,” he added.

Iran’s Shura Council Speaker wondered how countries which do not apply the slightest principles of democracy are today flaunting call for applying democracy in Syria and spending lots of money and capabilities to this end.

Larijani said his country supports political reforms in Syria and believes in them, noting that any reforms however need preparations, foremost being the provision of security.

H. Said – SANA – 13/1/2013

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