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Syria on Wednesday called upon the Security Council to approve the Palestinian state’s request for obtaining a full membership in the United Nations with ensuring the restoration of all the Palestinian legitimate rights, including the right of return and compensation for their losses according to General Assembly resolution no.194 for 1948.

Delivering a statement during an open Security Council session to discuss the situation in the Middle East, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al- Jaafari, expressed welcome of the presence of Riyad al-Maliki, the Foreign Minister of the State of Palestine, which was only able to obtain a non-member observer state in the UN after over 65 years from the issuance of resolution no.181.

Al-Jaafari considered this as “a first step on the path of restoring the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital on the line of June 4, 1967.”

“The Palestinian people have been undergoing the ugliest forms of expansionist racist occupation for 65 years,” al-Jaarafi said, adding that he is almost certain that “the Palestinian people cast a suspicious eye on our regular nominal meetings here.”

“How couldn’t they?” al-Jaafari wondered, when the Security Council has so far failed to put an end to their sufferings and could not be able to help them restore their legitimate rights throughout 65 years.

He continued to say “If we want to maintain the remaining credibility of the UN, and if we want to prevent the chances of war and consolidate those of peace in our region…we should take tangible procedures to end the disability of the UN to carry out its duties regarding ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories”

The Syrian Ambassador stressed that this incapability has resulted from the intransigence of the Israeli governments which are unjustifiably backed by some Security Council member states.

He expressed concern over the UN Secretary General not mentioning the Arab-Israeli conflict among the priorities of 2013 in his latest update.

Similarly, al-Jaafari expressed wonder about the Special Coordinator for the Peace Process in the Middle East Robert Serry’s ignoring of the issue of the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan in his briefing despite the fact that this is a basic part of his mission.

He regretted that the 45 year occupation of Golan were not enough to oblige Israel to implement the relevant UN resolutions, on top of which resolutions 497, 242 and 338 with the aim to put an end to Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan and get it to halt its systematic violations of human rights, as well as putting an end to terrorism and racism.

Al-Jaafari referred to the Israeli rejection of handing minefield maps to the international organizations, noting that the explosion of the mines planted by Israel in Golan have claimed the lives of more than 726 Syrian citizens, including 227 children.

The Syrian UN Representative clarified that Syria has briefed the UN General Secretariat of all the Israeli violations in the Golan, the latest of which was informing about the increase of kidnap cases of Syrian citizens on the Syrian side of the separation zone by the Israeli authorities.

“The Israeli authorities have even gone too far to provide support to the armed terrorist groups in the disengagement zone to exploit the presence of these groups to justify building a 42 km disengagemet and apartheid wall along the ceasefire line in a desperate attempt to separate Golan from Syria,” al-Jaafari added.

He called upon the Security Council to rise up to its responsibilities according to the Charter so as to take prompt measures to halt such Israeli aggressive procedures and policies.

Al-Jaafari slammed the Israeli representative’s statement in the session as “rude”, saying he is mistaken if he thinks that he could change or distort historical facts through a declamatory statement full of lies, denial and political fraud.

As for the allegations made by some countries’ delegations against Syria, al-Jaafari found it enough to reaffirm that the states of these delegations have not spared any efforts to escalate the crisis in Syria through supporting and harboring terrorists, in addition to supplying them with weapons and spreading extremism in Syria and foiling any peaceful solution to the crisis, naming particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

He highlighted that the Syrian government proposed recently a comprehensive political program to solve the crisis in Syria through a Syrian-led dialogue among the Syrians, clarifying that the program has already been circularized.

“We call upon all those who claim keenness on solving the crisis in Syria peacefully to positively interact with this program and propose constructive ideas to support its implementation, rather than provoking against political solutions and dialogue,” al-Jaafari said.

R. Milhem/ H. Said – SANA


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