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QUNEITRA – 23/02/2013 – People of the occupied Syrian Golan on Saturday staged an event to express solidarity with the homeland and condemnation of the terrorist bombing which hit Damascus in al-Thawra Street on Thursday and claimed the lives of many civilians.

The participants in the event, which took place in Sultan Basha al-Atrash Square in Majdal Shams town, voiced strong condemnation of “the terrorist acts carried out by the gangs of criminality and terrorism that are funded by the US, Israel and their tools in the region.”

The participants called for “striking the armed terrorist groups with an iron fist,” expressing their confidence that Syria will achieve victory thanks to the unity and steadfastness of its people and their support for the Syrian army in its confrontations with the terrorists.

They reiterated their standing by the homeland in the face of the terrorist acts targeting all the Syrians.


H. Said  –  SANA  –  23/2/2013