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Information Minister: Terrorist Escalation’s Aim to Suggest Victory Is Close Will Fail.

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, dismissed the terrorists’ targeting of residential neighborhoods, schools, universities and hospital with mortar shells as coming in the framework of carry out a foreign order of terrorist escalation to the farthest extent.

In an interview with the Syrian TV aired Thursday, al-Zoubi said this escalation, which comes in parallel with giving Syria’s seat at the Arab League (AL) to the ‘Doha Coalition’, aims to suggest that “terrorists are attacking in the middle of the capital and that as if the state is unable to protect the civilians.”

He stressed the aim to “intimidate people to drop their work and use this by the media to suggest that they are close to achieving the goals of their aggression on Syria” will definitely fail.

“The Syrian Arab Army is at its best, and the Syrian people are keen on their state as they believe in it and their morale are high,” said the Minister.

He added that these attacks will not stay long and “they reflect fear rather than bravery or victory on the part of the armed groups.”

He noted that Qatar and Turkey and some Arab and Western intelligence “are today throwing all their weight and bets at once behind a last desperate attempt to dismember and topple the Syrian state.”

Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the AL Summit’s decision to leave the door open for any of the Arab countries which want to arm the terrorists in Syria is not new “as the arming has been going on since the beginning by countries which openly announced that.”

He stressed that this decision violates the UN General Assembly resolutions and the rules of the international law which incriminate the arming operations taking place in other countries as well as the attempts at forced regime change by interfering in other countries’ affairs and supporting armed groups.

“The Arab League and the Arab Summit are both void institutions not respected by people…Syria has never bet that the AL is able to do anything for any Arab cause at all, but it has been keen to maintain a form of joint Arab action,” said al-Zoubi.

“Syria has been there in the Arab League for the sake of Arabism,” the Minister added, pointing out that there cannot be a talk of any Arab role in solving the crisis in Syria “because it’s impossible that anybody can contribute to solving a problem by providing weapons to one of the sides, igniting violence and sending terrorists.”

He expressed however hope that the BRICS group, being a great international power at all levels, play a key role in solving the crisis in Syria given its clear stances based on rejecting interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

The Information Minister clarified that the dialogue currently held in Syria is being only managed by the state which is not part of it as an institution as it is taking place among political and societal forces and parties.

“We are hurried and willing for and believe in this dialogue, and we have offered an open, honest and transparent invitation to all the opposition inside and outside the country to take part in the dialogue…and we are not backing down on this issue,” said al-Zoubi.


SyrianFreePress.net from Arab News Agencies 29/3/2013