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Al-Jaafari: West Raising Chemical Weapons Issue Part of Pressure Campaign

Apr 28, 2013 – NEW YORK – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that western countries are raising the issue of chemical weapons use in Syria is part of the campaign of pressure exerted on Syria in order to get concessions from it in various issues.

In an interview with the Lebanese NBN TV channel, al-Jaafari said that since the crisis began, Syria’s enemies utilized various methods to pressure Syria, including investing circumstances and issues like humanitarian aid, the displaced, and observer and envoy missions.

Al-Jaafari responded to US State Secretary John Kerry who said that a no-fly zone can be imposed or the opposition may be armed in case the use of chemical weapons use is proven, saying that a no-fly zone can only be implemented via the Security Council which is impossible, while talk about arming the opposition is mere smoke and mirrors as this is already happening.

He pointed out that Turkey opened its borders to all forms of infiltration, training, funding and sponsoring of terrorists who are gathered from across the world, noting that UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi informed the Security Council a week ago that there are 40,000 armed foreign terrorists fighting in Syria.

Al-Jaafari said that while the west is fully capable of conspiring against Syria and is doing so now, it cannot produce a Security Council resolution allowing it to impose a no-fly zone over Syria or part of it.

He also noted that Syria presented an official request to the UN Secretary-General to help investigate the use of chemical weapons in the town of Khan al-Asal in Aleppo Countryside, but when the Security Council convened to discuss this issue, the ambassadors of France and Britain made unsubstantiated claims that chemical weapons  were used in Homs four months before that, prompting the Russian Chairman of the Council to ask them why they waited four months to speak of this, but they didn’t answer; instead they requested that Homs be listed among the areas that the proposed inspection team should visit.

Al-Jaafari said that Russia’s representative Vitaly Chrukin criticized this French-British action, considering an attempt to undermine the official request for investigating chemical weapons use in Aleppo, explaining that the west’s goal from this is to repeat the Iraqi scenario by opening Syria to undisciplined inspection covered by UN mechanisms and undermine Syria’s sovereignty by making claims of chemical weapons use.

He stressed that the Syrian government is more invested in the safety of its people than anyone else, which is why it requested that France, Britain and the UN Secretary-General share any information they have, and if the information proves to be credible and if the inspection team is proven to be impartial and objective, then the Syrian government itself will ask the Secretary-General to help investigate the other allegations, adding that the other side doesn’t want an investigation to take place, because it knows full well who actually used the chemical weapons.

Al-Jaafari pointed out to the UN inspection teams that worked in Iraq and found no WMDs, yet despite that Iraq was occupied and destroyed, adding that the Security Council refused to officially register the part of the report presented by the inspection committee in 2008 that clearly stated that they didn’t find anything; instead, the committee’s mission was secretly terminated and its documents were sealed in boxes that can only be declassified and opened after 60 years, wondering how all this could have happened in an international organization supposedly characterized by transparency.

He said that Syria’s enemies fabricated various issues to pressure Syria’s but to no avail, and now they’re attempting to exploit the Security Council to recreate the Iraqi scenario, asserting that they will not succeed in these machinations because Syria has real friends in the Security Council, and because experts are presenting credible reports like the recent one which stated that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the UAE are all involved in smuggling weapons into Syria.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that arming and funding terrorists seeks to thwart a political solution to the crisis in Syria, and that the call by the Arab League Secretary General to arm the opposition constitute a summary execution of Ibrahimi’s mission and proves that the League’s claims of seeking a peaceful resolution are mere lies.

He also wondered at how some Arabs have doubts about the ill intents of some western countries towards the Arab world despite these countries’ history in the region, noting that there are those who seek to draw the US into a new war, but the final say in such a matter is up to the White House and President Obama personally, not the US State Department.

Al-Jaafari said that western and Arab Gulf countries were counting on extremists going to Syria to murder innocent Syrians and die there themselves, by which they would be rid of those ruffians, but the problem is that some of these extremists managed to return to their own countries and so the capitals involved in this matter became afraid that these terrorists could rally in western countries and continue their path of violence and terrorism there.

He explained that Syria informed the Security Council that there are members of Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabhet al-Nusra operating in Syria, in addition to other groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, and that Ibrahimi pointed out to the threat these groups will pose if they spread in the Arab world and the west.

Al-Jaafari said that Ibrahimi considered the Geneva process void after the Arab League’s decision at the Doha summit to arm the opposition and view the extremist external opposition as the sole representative of the Syrian people, which prompted Ibrhaimi to say that he’s now flying with one wing, and reports are suggesting that asked to be relieved from the other wing which is the Arab League which betrays him and lies to him, adding that Arabs aren’t overly concerned with Ibrahimi and know that he will soon abandon the part of his mission which is representing the Arab League.

He stressed that the Arab League fired the coup de grace at Ibrahimi’s mission like they did with al-Dabi, Anan and Gen. Mood before, because those who manipulate the Arab League – particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Turkish influence – don’t want the shedding of Syrian blood to end.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that those who shed Syrian blood and who reject peaceful settlement and dialogue can’t be considered honest opposition no patriots; rather they are pawns of foreign forces that have scores to settle with Syria and ending its support for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance and its support for the Palestinian cause, which would effectively terminate the Palestinian cause, with the next targets being Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Algeria.

He said that all Syrians are responsible for preserving it, keeping it strong and impregnable and rebuilding it, asserting that the Syrians are fully capable of this.

Al-Jaafari said that the media war of exaggeration against Syria seeks to poison the international and Arab public opinion by promoting an erroneous image of what is actually happening in Syria, affirming that the Syrian government isn’t killing its own people as some claim; rather it’s facing armed terrorist who commit suicide bombings in residential areas, murder students in schools and universities, and undermine the national economy’s infrastructure.

He pointed out that resolving the situation on the ground is vital in forging a final decision on the situation in Syria, and that an effective resolution of the situation will weaken what little credibility the terrorist groups have left and expel foreign terrorists from Syria after their failure in the tasks given to them by their sponsors .

Al-Jaafari noted that the UN isn’t a charity organization; rather it reflects the balance of global forces and is the fruit of victory over Nazism and fascism in WWII, adding that there is an international movement that doesn’t want influential countries to continue abusing UN mechanisms to undermine countries’ sovereignty and exploit and manipulate them.

He explained that there are ongoing deliberations at the Security Council with no clear broad lines regarding the final directions the deliberations will take, adding that Jordan asked for holding a closed session on Tuesday to discuss the issue of displaced Syrians in Jordan and ask for international aid.

Al-Jaafari s noted that when Syria hosted millions of Iraqis who fled the aftermath of the US invasion and many Lebanese and Palestinians, the Syrian government didn’t go begging at anyone’s door; rather it upheld its duty towards them which is something it doesn’t regret because Syria believes that helping its brothers and sisters is a religious, moral and national duty.

H. Sabbagh – SANA




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