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Justice Minister: Special Laws for Oil Stealing and Child Recruitment in Terrorist  Organizations

Apr 28, 2013 – DAMASCUS – Minister of Justice, Najm al-Ahamd, said the Ministry is working on preparing special laws related to the crimes of stealing and selling the Syrian oil, mutilation, joining terrorist groups and recruiting children in terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra.

The Minister’s statements came during a meeting of the People’s Assembly’s Freedoms and Human Rights Committee on Sunday, which discussed issues of missing and kidnapped people and mechanisms of combating terrorism and administrative corruption among others.

He noted that the Legislative Decree No. 20 for 2013 which is related to crimes of abduction has left a positive impact on citizens and restored hope to many in the return of their relatives kidnapped by the terrorist groups.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the only reason behind the recently taken decision to prevent some citizens from travelling outside the country has to do with following up on the procedures of some lawsuits and nothing else.

He announced that the Justice Ministry has issued a circular on annulling appeals made by the General Prosecution Office after the issuing of a decision to release detainees from the terrorism crimes court.

The Minister said the corruption at the Ministry of Justice is an administrative one and not judicial, stressing that a radical and real solution to the phenomenon of corruption should start with automating both administrative and judicial work, which is what the Ministry will embark on soon in several provinces.

He called for establishing a new TV channel that is specialized in the parliamentary and legal fields to follow up the People’s Assembly sessions and the meetings of the committees specialized in studying some laws.

Minister al-Ahmad also called for setting up rules for the work of the national reconciliation committees, stressing that the judiciary will take deterrent measures against people who get involved in blackmailing citizens.

H. Said – SANA




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