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Message from President Bashar al-Assad to Tanzanian President on Situation in Syria

Apr 29, 2013 – Dar Es Salaam – President Bashar al-Assad on Monday sent a message to President of Tanzania Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on the latest developments in Syria and the conspiracy to which it is exposed that targets its internal affairs, conveyed by Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Hossam al-Din Ala to Tanzania’s Vice President Mohammad Gharib Bilal.

During a meeting held in Dar Es Salaam, Bilal said that his country understands the conspiracy to which Syria is exposed, affirming Tanzania support to Syria in the face of terrorism, hoping that Syria would find a solution to the crisis soon through dialogue among the Syrian people.

He affirmed his country’s continuous support to Syria stances at the UN in light of Tanzania’s commitment to face all movements which contradict the rules of the international law at the international circles.

Ala, for his part, briefed the Tanzanian senior official on the latest developments in Syria and the ongoing movements against Syria at the international circles, pointing out to the importance of confronting these movements which violate the UN and rules of the international law.

He presented an explanation on the political program to solve the crisis in Syria and the efforts exerted by the government charged with following up on this program, paving the way for holding a national comprehensive dialogue which bring together all the Syrian society spectrums.

Mazen – SANA


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