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Lavrov: Moscow Never Hide Supplying Syria with Weapons Based on Signed Contracts

Apr 30, 2013 – MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that Moscow has never tried to hide supplying Syria with weapons according to previously signed contracts.

Russia Today website quoted Lavrov as asserting, in an interview with the British Foreign Policy Magazine, that any country has the right to possess defensive means that are not prohibited by any international treaty.

” These contracts are mostly connected with supplying the Syrian government with anti-air defence systems,” he said, adding that it is quite clear that Syria needs defensive means as the threats are not virtual but quite realistic.”

“Any country has the right to possess defensive means that are not banned by any international treaty therefore we don’t violate any treaty,” Lavrov said.

He called for further concentration on the other side with taking into consideration the information on arming the opposition with offensive weapons which had been smuggled from Libya, including the portable missile systems which are considered as very dangerous weapons.

The Russian Foreign Minister said:” We should take these information into consideration, particularly following the statements of the leaders of the ‘Free Army’ that the aircrafts including the civil ones and the airports will be licit goals,” noting that “It is very dangerous.”

Lavrov reiterated Russia’s call for stopping violence and launching a non-preconditioned dialogue, pointing to some positive changes in the stances of the powers which were rejecting dialogue.

He asserted that this possible change occurred not only in the stances of Washington, Paris and the capitals of other European countries but also in the stance of the Arab countries which have become say things that they didn’t say before, particularly that dialogue should be launched.

H. Zain / Ghossoun – SANA – 30/4/2013




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