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Terrorists Exploit Incident of Fumes Killed two People, Transfer them to Turkey to accuse Syrian Government

May 02, 2013  —  IDLEB – Mounting fumes from gallons containing some liquid materials,  which were stored by a shepherd in his house in Saraqeb town in Idleb countryside,  have killed his guest and him as one of the children in the house opened one of the gallons.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that after the two people died, the housewife and her children went out to the street frightened, adding that an armed terrorist group gave them protective masks and brought three people they kidnapped at a later time and took them to the house to make them inhale the fumes.

The source added that the three people also died after inhaling the fumes, pointing out that the armed terrorist group, affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, transferred the bodies of the dead people to the Turkish territories to make use of the incident against the Syrian state.

Earlier, terrorists threw “unknown powder” in the face of a number of citizens in Idleb to accuse the army of using chemical weapons against citizens, an official source told SANA reporter.

The source explained that the terrorists brought bags containing “unknown powder” and opened them in the face of a number of citizens whom they had gathered in Shabour neighborhood and the southern entrance of Saraqib town in the countryside of Idleb, causing suffocation, shiver and respiratory symptoms among the citizens.

The source added that the terrorists then took the injured citizens to Turkish hospitals to accuse the Syrian armed forces of using chemical weapons.

The source noted that this happened after a unit of the armed forces on Monday targeted terrorist groups in Saraqib town, killing and injuring numbers of terrorists, including non-Syrians.

F.Allafi   –  SANA – 2/5/2013




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