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Syrian Minister of Information, Al-Zoubi, statement, after the Israeli bomb attack on Sunday May 5, 2013:

“Syrian people cannot accept Israeli aggression and humiliation”


The Cabinet: The Israeli Aggression Opens the Door Wide for All Possibilities

DAMASCUS– The Cabinet held an extraodiinary session on Sunday chaired by Premier Dr. Wael al-Halqi, in which it denounced the criminal Israeli aggression against sites in Syria, affirming that this blatant aggression is violation of Syrian airspace, territories and sovereignty and a flagrant attack on the Syrian people’s properties and resources.

The Cabinet said that the aggression was carried out in coordination with the terrorist groups which answer to foreign sides and was timed with an escalation of their desperate terrorist operations in various area in a bid to raise their morale and delay their approaching defeat, as these groups are breathing their last breaths.

The Cabinet underlined the strong link between the terrorist groups – such as the Takfiri groups and Jabhet al-Nusra – and Israel.

The Cabinet lauded the heroics of the Syrian Army in pursuing and eliminating terrorists and restoring security and stability, asserting that the major conspiracy led by Israel, the US, some western countries and their regional pawn doesn’t just target Syria, but rather the entire Arab nation.

The Cabinet affirmed that Syria will emerge victorious over this war thanks to the steadfastness of its people and the solid support of its friends, stressing the need to rally forces to liberate the occupied Syrian Golan.

Premier al-Halqi said that terrorist attacks will not dissuade Syria and its people from resistance and steadfastness, adding that it has always been Syria’s destiny to defend the Arab nation.

Al-Halqi stressed that the government is working to bolster the people’s steadfastness on the economic, developmental and services levels, in addition to boosting the capabilities of the Syria Army.

He noted that national dialogue will continue in order to save Syria, lauding the solidarity between the people and the Army in the face of Syria’s enemies.

Following the session, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi read a statement issued by the Cabinet, in which he said that the Israeli aggression on sites in Syria opens the door wide for all the possibilities and shows an organic link between the Takfiri terrorist groups and the Israeli enemy, the Cabinet said in a statement on Sunday.

“The Israeli enemy committed early Sunday morning May 5th, 2013 a flagrant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to shell military facilities in a blatant violation of all the rules of the international law paying no heed to all the relevant commitments,” the statement said.

“The Syrian government stresses that this aggression opens the door wide for all the possibilities, especially that it undoubtedly shows the scale of the organic link between the constituents of the war on Syria, along with their Takfiri terrorist tools, and the Zionism,” al-Zoubi stressed.

The statement pointed out that that the Syrian government has long affirmed this link in terms of the aim, tools and means between the Takfiri thinking and the Zionism and the terrorism gangs and Jabhat al-Nusra, which is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Syria.

It noted that Syria has offered lots of evidence and facts proving this link, the latest was this new aggression “which came at a time when our armed forces, backed by our people, are making more achievements in combating terrorism and the terrorists who come from various countries of the world and are funded by the entities of Arab disgrace.”

The Cabinet stressed that with this aggression Israel has proved its link with the Takfiri terrorist groups, saying that “The international community should realize that the complications of what is happening in the region have become more dangerous after this aggression.”

“The countries supporting Israel should know quite well that our people and state do not accept disgrace, and that Israel and its agents in the region can’t stand alone and tamper with the regional security and the peoples’ future,” the statement added.

The Cabinet concluded its statement by saying that “The government stresses the necessity that the army continue its achievements in combating Israel’s tools inside, and that it will always be its right to protect the homeland, the state and the people against any internal or external aggression by all means.

Afterwards, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi answered a question by reporters by saying that Syria is a state that does not permit itself to be slighted nor does it tolerate infringements upon its sovereignty and national security, and those who infringe upon it sovereignty must consider their choices carefully and assume full responsibility.

Al-Zoubi stressed that Syria is not and will never be a punching bag for anybody, and if anyone has ever believed that, based on their miscalculations, then they are mistaken and should reconsider their calculations.

The Minister pointed out that Syrians are angry, and that this aggression offends all Syrians, adding that similar aggressions are perpetrated daily at the hands of terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Zoubi questioned the timing and method of the attack, and why Israel received wounded terrorists and why these terrorists are carrying Israeli weapons.

Answering a question on whether Syria is paying for its support of the resistance, the Minister said that great choices have great prices, and national choices require national sacrifices, adding “we never were and never will regret or be sorry over our national and pan-Arab choices, at the forefront of which is the choice of resistance,” asserting that Syria will never abandon the choice of resistance.

On the upcoming meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama, al-Zoubi noted that Syria takes into consideration every positive international effort and initiative, but relies on the Armed Forces, the people and Syria’s own resources in confronting terrorists.

He noted that it’s well known, now more than ever, the number of terrorists who came from abroad, their level of armaments, and who supports and funds them and provides logistic, intelligence and communication support.

Al-Zoubi said that when the US speaks of “non-lethal support” and technical support, it means providing terrorists with communication devices and tech which allows them to locate sites and target them with their gunfire and missiles, while the US claims that this is non-lethal support, describing this policy as “one of the farces of the century… it’s a farce when Turks and others provide them with chemical weapons.”

Regarding Israeli media reports on shooting down Israeli planes, al-Zoubi said that there’s no evidence to this and investigations are ongoing, with the military authorities investigating the details of the Israeli aggression.

H. Said / H. Sabbagh – SANA

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