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Army Units Continue Chasing Armed Terrorist Groups, Crush Their Hideouts

May 05, 2013 – SYRIAN PROVINCES – Army units on Sunday continued pursuing the armed terrorist groups in several provinces, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A military source told SANA reporter that units of our armed forces targeted a terrorists’ gathering in Adra and caves of the Prophet Lewis, northeast Rankous in Damascus countryside leaving scores of its members dead or injured.

In Moadamyat al-Sham, an army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group and killed and injured all of its members.

A military source told SANA reporter that terrorists’ weapons and ammunition were destroyed in the operation, adding that scores of terrorists were also killed in Daraya city in Damascus Countryside. The source said that the army clashed with terrorists in Jubar and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings.

The army eliminated scores of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and weapons in the area of Barzah neighborhood.

The army pursued a terrorist group in Harasta city and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists. 

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Aleppo and its Countryside

Our armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists, crushed their dens at al-Haidariya roundabout, al-Meslmieh, Menng and al-Liramon and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

An official source told SANA reporter that a number of terrorists were left dead or wounded al-Haidariya roundabout as their dens were crushed with all weapons inside including heavy machineguns and ammunition.

The source mentioned that units of the armed forces clashed with terrorists near the glass factory, Hilan, al-Jubaila in al-Meslmieh, killing a number of them.

Another unit destroyed a mortar and a number of terrorists’ dens in villages of al-Alqamieh, Tunaibeh and Menneg in Aleppo countryside.

In factories area in al-Liramon, a number of terrorists’ gatherings were eliminated as their weapons were destroyed.

Armed Forces units clashed with terrorists near the glass factory in al-Maslamiye area, eliminating a number of them and injuring others.

A mortar launcher and a number of terrorist hideouts were destroyed in al-Madafeh area and near the Mennegh gas station, in addition to killing and injuring a number of terrorists, some of them snipers.

In a special operation targeting a terrorist hideout in Hailan village near Aleppo Central Prison, an Armed Forces unit destroyed a mortar launcher and a heavy machinegun.

Army Continues Operations in Daraa

The Armed Forces continued operations against the armed terrorist groups in Daraa countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

A military source told SANA reporter that scores of terrorists were killed in the area of Khirbat Ghazaleh, adding that among them were Izzat Mamdouh al-Rashed, Ahmad Mohammad Mousa Barghouth, Qasem Theeb al-Ghothani, Moheeb Fawzi Fayyad al-Haj Ali and Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Fayez al-Nwairan.

The source added that the army also targeted terrorists’ hideouts in the areas of Nafe’a, Sahim, al-Shajara, al-Shabraq and Jasem and killed scores of terrorists, among them were terrorists of non-Syrian nationalities.

The source said that terrorists Mahmoud Ahmad al-Tabtawi of the Jordanian nationality, Yahya Abdullah Abu Said and Abul-Mahmoud al-Satoufi of the Libyan nationality, and Khaled Ismael al-Sharqawi of the Egyptian nationality were identified among the dead.

The source said that the terrorists burned about 50 corpses of non-Syrian nationalities’ terrorists in the area of Da’el after the people of Ibta’ town refused to bury them in their town.

Terrorists Eliminated In Idleb Province

An Armed Forces unit destroyed a terrorists’ hideouts in the vicinity of Taftanaz Airport and on the road between Sermin, Binnish and Abu al-Dhuhor in Idleb province, killing a number of terrorists.

The army also eliminated terrorist groups which had been blockading roads and committing robberies on the Idleb-Harem road and the Aleppo-Idleb Highway and in the areas of al-Nayrab, Bakfalon, Maartamsrin, Ein Sheb, Tal Salmo, and al-Tura’a.

Army units destroyed a number of terrorist hideouts in Ein al-Soda, al-Janoudiye turnpike, Haj Hammoud farm, Tal al-Dahab and Gatroun areas in Jisr al-Shughour countryside.

Terrorists Eliminated, Weapons and Munitions Warehouse Destroyed in Homs

In Homs city, an Army unit targeted armed terrorist groups in al-Warsha neighborhood and inflicted heavy losses upon them, in addition to confiscating machineguns, an RPG launcher, munitions, medical supplies and communication devices in al-Qarabis fields while terrorists were trying to sneak them into the neighborhoods of Jouret al-Shiyah and al-Khalidiye.

The Army also inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in al-Qsier, southwest of al-Husseiniya.

In the village of al-Majdal east of al-Rastan, a warehouse containing weapons, munitions and missiles was destroyed.

An Armed Forces unit clashed with terrorists in al-Sayeh valley, eliminating a number of them, while another unit eliminated Khaldoun Diab, the leader of a terrorist group belonging to Jabhet al-Nusra, along with most of his cohorts.

Engineering units dismantled 65 explosive devices weighing between 25-30 kg each planted by armed terrorist groups in al-Jusiyeh in al-Qsier countryside.

Army Kills Terrorists’ leader, Dismantles IEDs in al-Qseir

The engineering units dismantled 45 explosive devices planted by terrorists in the western farms of al-Qseir city in Homs countryside.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the explosive devices were planted to prevent the army from advancing and pursuing the terrorist groups.

The source added that an army unit killed terrorist Mohammad Othman al-Bika’e, the leader of a terrorist group affiliated to the so-called “al-Farouq Battalion” along with 11 terrorists of his group in the town of al-Sallomyeh in al-Qseir countryside.

Army Eliminates Terrorists in Deir Ezzor

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group in the al-Sina’a neighborhood in Deir Ezzor and killed 9 terrorists and injured others.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorists Adham Nayef al-Junaid and Samer Nabil al-Furati were identified among the dead.

The source said that another army unit eliminated a terrorists’ gathering in Jam’yat al-Hizb neighborhood and destroyed a Mortar in the area, adding that among the killed terrorists was Hamada al-Omari.

Authorities Raid Terrorist Hideout, Confiscate Weapons in Hama

In Hama countryside, the authorities raided a terrorist hideouts west of the road to Aleppo, confiscating large amounts of weapons including NATO sniper rifles, assault rifles, RPG launchers and rounds, PKC machineguns, magazines, satchels, military uniforms and communication devices.


Ghussoun / H. Sabbagh  – SANA – 5/5/2013


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