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Mitofanov: There Is Unified Center Leading Media Instigation against Syria

May 11, 2013 – MOSCOW – Chairman of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, Aleksey Mitrofanov, said there is a unified center standing behind the wave of media instigations targeting Syria, which is evident by the fact that all U.S. and Western media repeat the same terminology regarding what is happening in Syria.

“The instigation against Syria is clear in the Western media as they openly support those whom they call ‘rebels’ who are neither known by us nor by the international community,” Mitrofanov told Russian Today channel in an interview aired Friday night.

He added that despite that the international community does not know those so-called ‘rebels’, yet they deal with them as if they were leaders of states inviting them to the international and regional forums and opening embassies for them.

Mtrofanov pointed out that “there is a certain center where decisions are made, and according to which the media begin the process of brainwashing,” adding that this takes place without any regard to the “freedom of speech” and in the framework of a mere propaganda that is being controlled and broadcast in different languages.

He explained that each case is dealt with separately as the media campaign against Syria is steered in Qatar, while the campaign against Russia is steered in London, adding that regional tools are being used to achieve the goals of these campaign with the Americans standing behind to serve certain interest.

Mitrofanov stressed that there are no legal regulations in the international law that allow the states to prosecute misleading media, adding had the media stuck to neutrality and objectivity, Washington and London would have not been able to promote their justifications for invading Iraq ten years ago.

H. Said – SANA


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