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Terrorists Smuggle Genetic Materials outside Syria, Endangering  Animal Species

May 11, 2013 – DAMASCUS – The Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Agriculture said the armed terrorist groups have stolen and smuggled many of genetic resources for food and agriculture outside the country, endangering several local animal and plant species.

The Federation pointed out that there are strong indications on the extinction of 26 local animal and plant species, including 17 animal species and 9 plant species.

Abdul-Rahamn Qurunfula, a Technical Advisor at the Federation, stressed in a statement on Saturday that lots of important animal species were lost due to the terrorist groups’ acts.

He referred particularly to the terrorist groups’ smuggling of many genetic resources for food and agriculture outside the country, in addition to their attacks on several genetic centers for animals.

Qurunfula cited the terrorists’ attack against a breeding center for local cows near Damascus that is affiliated to the Agricultural Scientific Research Centers, where the terrorists sabotaged the center and destroyed the genetic material.

The terrorists also looted a center for local goats in Qarahta in Douma city and another center for camels in Deir al-Hajar and another center for Arabian horses in al-Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

Qurunfula called for issuing a law to establish a national bank for animal genes to store the genetic materials for endangered animals and invest them to improve animal production.

H. Said – SANA


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