Al-Zoubi : We Will Not Be Part in Any Political Effort or Meeting Affect Syrian Sovereignty

May 14, 2013 — DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that heading to the political solution for the crisis in Syria and starting a comprehensive national dialogue that does not exclude any body, is a Syrian initiative since the beginning of the crisis.

In an interview with Lebanese al-Manar TV on Monday, al-Zoubi said that the Syrian government welcomed the outcomes of the meeting held between the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and his US Counterpart, John Kerry.

” The Syrian government expressed optimism but it is a cautious optimism since words are not enough, but rather there should be subsequent steps, ” the Minister said.

He added ” We are in need to know whether the Russian-US understanding is as important as the political solution and its necessity as a choice that applies to everyone and whether it is really a sole choice for the Americans and their allies in secret and in public,”

The Minister clarified that there are political and military events linked to the concept of the political solution and the Russian-US meeting, including the Israeli aggression on some sites in Syria and the bombings of al-Rihaniya city in Turkey where the Turkish officials rushed to accuse Syria, and that imposes a question about the Turkish, Qatari and the others’ involvement in the idea of the political solution and whether they are ready to lose all the funds and weapons they offered to undermine Syria in vain.

He pointed out that the final decision is linked to the decision center, which is the USA but not its Arab and regional tools.

Regarding Syria’s participation in the international conference which Russia and USA agreed to be convened, al-Zoubi said that it is conditioned with knowing details and developments, but the political decision is clear and axiomatic towards political solution, supporting the international positive efforts and combating terrorism at the same time.

Minister al-Zoubi stressed that Syria will not be a part in any act, a political effort or a meeting that would harm the national sovereignty directly or indirectly.

He added that the issue of the President, form of authority, and the constitution are the essence and core of the sovereignty, stressing that only the Syrian people can decide the form of reign through ballot boxes.

” Our national project as a government is clear, because we need Syria as a sovereign democratic, pluralistic and resistant country,” the Minister said, adding that Syria, the homeland, cannot be divided at all.

Al-Zoubi clarified that the Syrian Army has never lost controlling on the ground, but it tends to besiege a certain area and address the gunmen, hoping that they would turn themselves in to avoid harming the residential and civil areas; the army acts wisely in tackling this issue.

” The gunmen’s presence in the residential areas prevents the army from carrying out large-scale operations, ” the Minister said.

He added that more than 150 gunmen turned themselves in and handed over their weapons in Damascus Countryside, calling on all those who take up arms to abandon them and head to the political work and participate in the national process.

Al-Zoubi said : ” Regarding foreign gunmen who came from Arab or foreign countries, we warn them and ask them to leave Syria quickly and in the same way they came in because they will be killed at the hand of the Syrian Army, as Syria’s decision to confront terrorism is irrevocable.” 

R. Milhem / Ghossoun