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Gatilov: UN Should Respond to Syria’s Demand on Investigating Chemical Weapons’ Use in Aleppo

May 14, 2013 – MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russia called upon the UN Secretariat to respond to the demand of the Syrian government on investigating the use of chemical materials in Aleppo countryside.

In a press release on Tuesday, Gatilov said that the UN Secretariat’s stances on the issue is politicized and not constructive, adding that Moscow supports the issue of investigating specific incidents for potential use of chemical weapons.

He stressed that “The message of the Syrian government on this matter was conveyed to the UN Secretary-General, he should have dispatched the investigators and we were ready to send our experts.”

Gatilov hoped that the international conference on the Syrian issue will be held soon, adding that “the aim of the conference is acquiring insurances from the Syrian government and opposition on adherence to the decision of the Geneva statement.”

He said that the UN Secretary-General believes that there is no alternative for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, adding that the issues related to the state structure are decided only by the Syrians.

Gatilov said that Russia supports sending peace-keeping forces or UN monitors to Syria if the Syrians don’t oppose it.

“We don’t oppose such ideas as long as the Syrians don’t. All sides should cooperate honestly with the UN personnel,” he said.

M. Nassr/ Ghossoun.