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Army Eliminates Terrorists’ Leaders, Destroys IEDs Factory

May 14, 2013 – SYRIAN PROVINCES – SANA, Syrian Arab News AgencyThe army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in Homs and its countryside and destroyed their weaponry and ammunition.

An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit seized a vehicle loaded with 50 explosive devices on al-Rastan-al-Salamyeh highway and killed the terrorists in it.

The source added that another army unit destroyed a factory for making explosive devices in al-Rastan city and killed the terrorists hiding in it.

Meanwhile, the army continued pursuing the armed terrorist groups in al-Qseir countryside, where the army ambushed a terrorist group and killed and arrested scores of terrorists in the areas of Deibeh and al-Dmaineh al-Gharbieh.

In Homs city, the army pursued a terrorist group in the areas of Jorat al-Shayyah and al-Qusour and killed and injured all of its members.


Army Eliminates Terrorists, Destroys IED Factories in Damascus Countryside

The army inflicted heavy losses upon the armed terrorist groups in Damascus Countryside and killed many terrorists’ leaders on Tueday.

An official source told SANA reporter that 3 factories to make explosive devices and Mortar shells were destroyed in Douma city, adding that the army eliminated 4 terrorists near the National Hospital in the area, among them was terrorist Diaa Ghunaima, leader of a terrorist group.

The source said that an army unit clashed with terrorist group near the Thanawyeh Roundabout in Douma and killed scores of the terrorists, among them was their leader Mohammad Shelleh.

Another army unit pursued an armed terrorist group in the town of Jarba in Damascus Countryside and killed and injured scores of its members, among them was their leader, Mohammad Sarhan.

Another army unit killed scores of terrorists who were committing looting acts in the area of Bait Sahm.

Meanwhile, the army clashed with a terrorist group and eliminated scores of its members in Jubar, terrorist Hammoud Abdu-Salam was identified among the dead.

The army pursued terrorists in the area of Barzeh and killed scores of them, among the killed terrorists were Alaa Saad Eddin and Ammar al-Rayes.

Army Continues Crackdown of terrorists in Aleppo

The Armed Forces continued operations against the armed terrorist groups in Aleppo and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists and destroying their weaponry and vehicles.

An official source told SANA that that army clashed with terrorist groups in the area of al-Sheikh Said in Aleppo countryside and killed scores of their members.

The source said that terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings were destroyed in several areas in Meng, adding that another army unit clashed with terrorists in the area of al-Mislmyeh and destroyed a 23 mm anti-aircraft machinegun and killed scores of terrorists.

In Aleppo city, the army clashed with terrorist who were committing murder and looting acts and eliminated scores of them.