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Syrian – Iraqi Relations Have Special Regional Impact

May 27, 2013  – DAMASCUS – (SANA) – Syrian-Iraqi relations acquire special significance due to the two states’ important role in the region as well as the mutual impact of each country in the situation of the other in light of the geographical and historic nearness between them.

As Iraq has long paid the price of its anti-colonialism stances, Syria nowadays is paying the price of its stances that back the peoples’ right in liberation from colonialism and hegemony as well as of their right in self-determination.

At each conference or press statement, the Iraqi officials renew Iraq’s standing by the Will of the Syrian people and their right in outlining their own future away from the foreign interventions and violence to keep Syria’s unity and territorial integrity.

As far as economy, the relation between Damascus and Baghdad is distinguished as both capitals seek to overcome difficulties which hinder the daily economic work to continue cooperation and achieve the best results in the interests of the two peoples.

The latest years have witnessed the signing of many contracts in the fields of oil, infrastructure, and transpiration as well as establishing a free trade zone in addition to a lot of agreements in the domains of environment, culture and investments.

On ideological national basis, the Syrian and Iraqi armies are now cleaning their countries off terrorism and terrorists where the Iraqi army is purifying its territories from al-Qaeda, at the same time the Syrian army is battling against the armed terrorist Takfiri groups brought to here by world regions and funded by the US and a number of regional and western countries.

As Syria was one of the states which opposed Iraq invasion, Iraqi will be appreciated for its stances towards Syria at international circles and the Arab League.


Mazen – SANA

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