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Damascus, (SANA)_Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that the exaggeration over the past few days and talk about the use of chemical weapons, severing ties and the Union of Muslim Scholars are all aimed to strike fear in the hearts of Syrians.

”All of these are part of one scene that comes in the framework of distributing roles, which won’t frighten or terrorize use, nor will it change our course in combating terrorists and backing resistance,” al-Zoubi said.

In a speech during a ceremony at Dar al-Baath, co-organized by Dar al-Baath and DamPress institution on Sunday to honor families of journalists who died in the line of duty, the information minister said that ”Syria won’t become part of the US and Zionist schemes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

Al-Zoubi said that ”We now realize that we have been right since day one,” adding that ”the clamor that has been rising since victory was achieved in Qusair means that the servants of the Zionist scheme realized that they are on the verge of collapse, and that the Syrian army and people are resolved to triumph, which has become a fait accompli.”

The minister said that “it is a conflict between two projects, the first is a cultural, civil and humanitarian one which we espouse; while the second is the Zionist project in the region of which the takfiri project is part and parcel.”

He considered that the next victory would be ”difficult and costly,” adding that Syria is not confronting a ”Free Army,” or ”Jabhat al-Nusra” or al-Qaeda only, but those who are providing weapons and training mercenaries who organized terrorist groups long before the crisis began.

Al-Zoubi said the ”other side has a slim chance to surrender arms and withdraw foreign fighters from Syria and to apologize to the Syrians, and for other governments to admit involvement in killing and the use of prohibited weapons.”

Al-Zoubi said that President Bashar al-Assad has been clear in calling for political solution and combating terrorism which he said is ”invariable,” indicating that ”when we want to go for a political solution, we will do that with the Syrians who are ready for it.”

Al-Zoubi affirmed that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France are not parties in a political solution and the government is not after a political solution that involves them.

”Political solution is about sitting to the dialogue table and in no way means the argument of ‘Doha Coalition’ which considers that going to Geneva means assuming power against.

”Any talk about assuming power, power change or formation of power is mere dreams…this is not possible except through ballot boxes,” affirming that the leadership is committed to the results of any referendum or electoral process.

Al-Zoubi added that ”Doha coalition and some opposition figures inside and outside Syria don’t have the courage to go for a political process, and all their propaganda are pure lies.”

He affirmed that the majority of opposition abroad and some of the opposition inside Syria are unable to review their political discourse despite latest developments, as ”they need to resort to leaders of al-Qaeda; their mentors, or the powers that are funding them especially in the US and France.”

Al-Zoubi said the government is determined to go ahead with the political solution and combating terrorism, affirming that ”whoever takes up arms against the Syrian state will be fought, for this is a duty of the state.”

He added that 90 per cent of those who are fighting the Syrian state are takfiri terrorists, ”that’s why we use the term ‘Jabhat al-Nusra in media reports without getting into the myriad appellations of al-Qaeda.”

The minister affirmed that about 80-90 per cent of fighters in Syria are non-Syrians who came from several countries.

Al-Zoubi indicated that White House’s statement on the use of chemical weapons is ”baseless lies,” describing it as an attempt to lift the morale of the disintegrating armed groups.

Al-Zoubi wished that ‘leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’ in Egypt-referring to the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi-had announced a closure of the Israeli embassy in Egypt, not a severing of ties with Syria and closing the Syrian embassy in Cairo.

Al-Zoubi elaborated on the sublime meanings of martyrdom, reminding that the martyrdom of journalists in the war against Syria was due to their dedication to work and faith in the importance of conveying truth to the public.

The information minister concluded that ”our sacrifices are costly and dear, and our martyrs will always remain a lighthouse that casts light in our life.”

Participants in the ceremony: Terrorism against Syrian media part of US-Western targeting of Syria

In turn, Director General of DamPress Mai Hamdoush said that the terrorism against Syrian media is part of the US-Western targeting of Syria and its voice and role, seeking to silence the Syrian media which has exposed the lies, crimes and terrorism of conspirators.

She pointed out that Syria’s journalists chose the side of the free, independent Syria and the path of resistance in the face of an enemy that refuses to accept words, images and truths.

For his part, Director General of Dar al-Baath publishing house Abdellatif Omran said that those who are targeting Syria aim to destroy its political, civilized and social components and eradicate its identity.

On behalf of the families of martyred journalists, the father of martyr Yara Abbas said that journalists swore fealty to the homeland and its leader and vowed to defend Syria, standing alongside the Syrian Army in the field to expose the lies of conspirators and teach Syria’s enemies a lesson in affiliation to land, country and true Islam.

He asserted that the families of martyrs, like the rest of the Syrian people, will not kneel or know fear or weaken or refrain from offering more sacrifices for the sake of the homeland.

In a statement to SANA, head of the Journalists Union Elias Murad said that Syrian media has always been at the forefront of defending the homeland, the resistance and Palestine, which resulted in many journalists being martyred, injured or abducted.

In turn, director of al-Ikhbariya TV channel Imad Sara said that any effective media will be targeted, which is why al-Ikhbariya TV was targeted by bombings, assassinations and abductions.

Aida Abbas, sister of martyr Ali Abbas who worked in SANA, voiced pride in her brother’s martyrdom while defending the homeland with honest words and determination to relay the truth, saying that he will live on in the hearts and memories of those who knew him.

Similarly, the brother of martyr Bassel Yousef who worked in the Syrian TV said that honoring martyrs affirms commitment to the course of martyrdom and resistance.

The ceremony was attended by directors and editors-in-chief of media establishments, in addition to political, religious and media figures, members of the People’s Assembly, and relatives of martyrs.