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Putin Warns USA & Western Countries on Delivering More Weapons in the Hands of Cannibal Terrorists in Syria


Syria Rebels Get Heavy Arms from Saudi Arabia

Militant sources told the British newspaper Daily Telegraph on Wednesday that the militants had been supplied with “Konkurs” anti-tank missiles.


Last week, the White House said it would send military support to Syria’s opposition.

Unlike rocket-propelled grenades, the Konkurs – Contest in English – can penetrate the most advanced tanks such as Russian-made T72s.

“We now have supplies from Saudi Arabia,” a rebel source said. “We have been told more weapons are on their way, even higher-end missiles.”

At the G8 this week Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, condemned the west’s attempts to send arms to the militants.

Putin warned that those in the west who want to arm Syria insurgents may find the weapons ended up anywhere, even in Europe.

“We are calling on all our partners to once again think thoroughly before taking this very dangerous step,” he told reporters after a G8 summit in Northern Ireland.

“Europe wants to send arms to these people? And what happens then to these arms? Who will control in whose hands and where they will end up? Maybe in Europe?”

He also rejected US and European claims that Syria’s government had used chemical weapons.

“We do not have facts pointing to the use of such weapons by the Syrian government,” Putin said.

Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest since March 2011, and thousands people, including large numbers of government forces, have been killed in the violence.


Syria ~ New Weapons for Cannibal Terrorists: Anti-tank Missiles from Saudi Arabia and T-62 Tanks from Libya


US Senators against Military Aid to Syria Militants

They said on Thursday that the Obama administration has provided too little information about what they see as a risky intervention.

The bill would prevent the Department of Defense and US intelligence agencies from using any funds to support military, paramilitary or covert operations in Syria, directly or indirectly.

The bill’s sponsors — Democrats Tom Udall of New Mexico and Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Republicans Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky — expressed doubts about Washington’s ability to ensure weapons will not fall into the wrong hands, and called for debate in Congress before the United States becomes more involved in Syrian conflict, Alalam reported.

“The president’s unilateral decision to arm Syrian rebels is incredibly disturbing, considering what little we know about whom we are arming,” Paul said in a statement.

After months of equivocating, Obama decided a week ago to provide military aid to rebels trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Meantime, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, during a visit to the annual Paris Airshow on Thursday said, “As far as weapons go, there is no question of delivering weapons in conditions that we aren’t sure about and that means we won’t deliver weapons so that they are turned against us.”

On Sunday, a report said that The US spy agency is gearing up to send weapons to insurgent groups in Syria through secret bases in Turkey and Jordan, a new report said.

The bases are expected to begin conveying shipments of weapons and ammunition within weeks, the US daily, The Washington Post, reported Saturday, quoting unnamed American officials as saying.

“We have relationships today in Syria that we didn’t have six months ago,” US President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser Benjamin J. Rhodes said during a White House briefing Friday. The United States is capable of delivering material “not only into the country,” Rhodes said, but “into the right hands”.

US officials announced on Thursday that Obama had authorized sending weapons to the militants in Syria ‘for the first time.’

On Saturday, American newspaper USA Today quoted Christopher Harmer, an analyst with the Institute for the Study of War, as saying that the US is vetting to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, which is technically a NATO air base, as a hub for supplying militants in Syria with weapons.

Also on Sunday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that the US troops temporarily in neighboring Jordan will leave behind fighter jets and a cache of Patriot missiles.

Early in March, a ranking member of the US marine troops deployed in Afghanistan told FNA that the Pentagon made the decision to send a major part of its light and semi-heavy weapons systems and military equipment to the Syrian rebels along with its pullout from Afghanistan when the former US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, was still in office.

“The decision to send our arms and weapons systems in Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria was originally made when the former US Secretary of Defense was in his final days of office, yet the Pentagon has also received the approval of the new Secretary, Chuck Hagel, as well,” said the source who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information.

“One of these cargos consists of the light and semi-heavy military tools, equipment and weapons that the US army has gathered and piled up in Kandahar Base and plans to send them to the rebels in Syria in the form of several air and sea cargos and through Turkey and specially Jordan,” he explained.

“These weapons and arms systems include anti-armor and missile systems, rocket-launchers and rockets and tens of armored Humvees,” the source added, explaining that senior war strategists in the Pentagon believe that they can change the scene of the war in Syria in the interest of the rebel groups with the help of these cargos, specially the shoulder-launched missile systems and the multipurpose Humvee vehicles.

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, travels as fast as 150 kilometers per hour under different weather conditions and in various geographical climates, and various types of machineguns, rocket-launchers and weapons systems can be mounted on this vehicle.

As the US continues its pullout from Afghanistan, rebels in Syria have failed to make any more advancement and the US, EU, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were forced to soften their tone on the future of the almost two-year-long conflict in the country after they found that the war of attrition has rather worked in the interest of President Assad and his troops.

This, military experts say, has apparently made the US change the war strategy in Syria and open new fronts in the country.

The US and its allies have been sending most of their arms cargos to the rebels through Turkey, which neighbors Northern Syria. Just last week a Libyan member of the al-Qaeda disclosed that France has supplied the rebel and terrorist groups in Syria with Russian Igla anti-air missiles and even trained them how to use these systems.

Louay al-Mokdad, the political and media coordinator for the Free Syrian Army, confirmed that the rebels have procured new weapons donated from outside Syria, rather than bought on the black market or seized during the capture of government facilities. But he declined to say who was behind the effort.

Another coordinator for the Free Syrian Army, whose units have received several cargos of these new arms supplies since in mid-February, said “the goal of the supplies also is to shift the focus of the war away from the North toward the South and the capital, Assad’s stronghold”.


Text by Fars News, 21/6/2013

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