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Walid al-Muallem:

“Damascus Ready to Attend Geneva Conference Without Precondition”

“Continuation of Bloodshed in Syria is to Israel Benefit”

“USA PropagatingLies About Use of Chemical Weapons by Syria”


Lebanon Clashes:

Army vows to finish with Salafist gunmen in Sidon

3 dozen cannibal terrorists killed in 2 days of fighting


Qatar transition:

A new Arab-Zionist puppet on the show,

the son of the patricidal Qatari master-puppet



Al-Moallem: Syria serious about participating in internaitonal conference in Geneva without preconditions

Damascus, (SANA)_Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said that Syria announced its determination to take part in the international conference in Geneva, asserting that the government is serious in its decision as it considers the conference a real opportunity that should not be missed.

At a press conference on Monday, Minister al-Moallem said that Syria is going to the conference in order to reach an end to violence and terrorism, saying that this is a popular demand of priority to the Syrian people.

“Stopping violence and terrorism, apart from being an essential demand by the Syrian people, is also the scale for the seriousness of those who will gather in Geneva conference, and we will test the interlocutors’ ability to impose a stop to violence and terrorism on the ground,” he added.

Al-Moallem added that Syria has many doubts about the intentions of the terrorism-backing countries who ”started to put obstacles in the way of convening the conference through their decision to arm the opposition. ”

Going to Geneva conference also aims to build real partnership and broad national unity government that represents all spectrums of the Syrian people

He said that going to the conference also aims to build a real partnership and a broad national unity government that represents all spectrums of the Syrian people, and that it does not aim at surrendering authority to the other side, adding “those who have delusions in the other side; I advise them not to come to Geneva.”

Al-Moallem indicated that the Syrian government does not have ties with the Americans unlike Russia with whom it maintains continuous and daily communications, affirming that Syria will not accept any solutions or even ideas dictates from the outside.

“I affirm that we will not accept any solution or ideas imposed from the outside… dialogue will be among the Syrians themselves, between the opposition aboard and the national opposition inside… we will build – through partnership with them – the future of Syria,” al-Moallem said, stressing that nothing will be done unless the Syrian people agree to it.

”The other side is delusional, as some say that they won’t go to Geneva unless President Bashar al-Assad steps down..Well he won’t… and some others say they want the government to hand over power…To those we say: we are for partnership and not the handover of power…If we want to hand over power. Why go to Geneva? We would stay in Damascus and hand it over here,” Foreign Minister said.


Al-Moallem hoped that Moscow and Washington, the Geneva conference’s sponsors, will prepare a suitable atmosphere for holding it, saying “we don’t want to hold the conference just for the sake of the conference… we want to build a partnership to build Syria’s future, and this partnership doesn’t mean just a single opposition group.”

”We are going to Geneva conference with full directives from President al-Assad to ensure the success of the conference, which depends on the other participant sides who received directives from their own financers and sponsors,” al-Moallem added.

He said that Syria will do its utmost to make Geneva 2 a success, adding ”We know that the US is biased…All we care about is the Russian side.”

Al-Moallem saluted the Russian leadership for the stances it spelled out which underline commitment to the UN charter and principles about non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.

Countries supporting terrorism have no interest in stopping violence in Syria as long as this violence serves Israel

Foreign Minister pointed out that the countries supporting terrorism have no interest in stopping violence in Syria as long as this violence serves Israel, noting that no one can control the decisions of the foreign gunmen in Syria, and that no one can remove them except the Syrian Army as the situation on the ground is what matters most.

He noted that “after the victories of the Syrian Army in al-Qseir, it seems that those conspiring against Syria lost their equilibrium, and that the reactions of the conspirators gave a feeling of the importance of that battle, with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius coming out to call for restoring balance, and that ended up with the US president calling for arming the opposition.

On the issue of chemical weapons, al-Moallem said “we never announced that we had chemical weapons… the US president’s talk of the Syrian government’s possession of these weapons has raised Syria’s doubts… the only explanation for that is that the polls made in the US have proved that the American people are against arming the opposition, and maybe the US President used the lie of chemical weapons to make the American people support arming the opposition in Syria.”

He added that nerve gas was used in Khan al-Assal and ”the Syrian Foreign Ministry demanded that a fair and impartial investigation committee is sent there, and we offered every logistical facilitation for them to carry out their mission in the best way…We almost reached a decision if it was not for other countries’ interference, namely Britain, France and Qatar who made untrue claims about the use of chemical weapons in several areas.”


”Consequently, the UN Secretary-General wanted to broaden the scope of investigation to cover all Syrian territories, which we did not and will not allow,” al-Moallem said.

Syria committed to investigation into use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal 

Al-Moallem affirmed that Syria is committed to the investigation regarding the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal, asserting that Syria has documents proving that terrorists used nerve gas which were presented the UN and to the Russian friends.

On the decision to arm the terrorist groups, al-Moallem said ”You know that after the decision, Mohammad Morsi joined the ‘choir’ of conspirators and decided to cut off ties with Syria…and he convened a conference in Cairo for the sheikhs of sedition chaired by al-Qaradawi that called for joining the fighting in Syria, and activities for gathering fighters to come to Syria started thereafter in many countries.”

”More importantly, a conference was held in Doha a couple of days ago, and they came out with a decision to arm the opposition quickly to restore the equilibrium,” al-Moallem said.  

”Who is to decide when to restore equilibrium?” al-Moallem asked. ”Every time the army liberates a village as part of its constitutional duty, they say that the balance was upset and the opposition should be armed…This will lead to prolonging the violence…They say that restoring balance is intended to force the Syrian government to attend Geneva conference, and we announced that we are participating in the conference, but what about the other side?”


Al-Moallem noted that all reports indicate that Jabhat al-Nusra is the main dominant side among the armed groups on the ground in some villages and areas, and that there are factions of the “free army” which have joined this terrorist organization, all of which confirms the that weapons to be supplied to the opposition will fall in Jabhat al-Nusra’s hands.

He cited evidence of Jabhat al-Nusra involvement in the use of chemical weapons, reminding of the cell that Turkey said it arrested which included 12 terrorists affiliated to al-Nusra in possession of the nerve gas, also citing a similar cell caught in Iraq.

Decisions made recently in Doha are dangerous because they seek to prolong the crisis

Al-Moallem said that the decisions made recently in Doha are dangerous because they seek to prolong the crisis and violence and encourage terrorism to commit crimes, and that arming the opposition will hinder Geneva conference and lead to killing more Syrian citizens.

He expressed concerns over bids to prolong the crisis in Syria for ”the Syrians want the crisis to end as soon as possible,” adding that the suffering of the Syrian people and their economic crisis is due to the conspirators under the pretext of serving the Syrian people’s interests.

Regarding Lebanon, the Foreign Minister pointed out that the terrorism and crimes taking place in Sidon are echoes of the Doha conference and the arming of the opposition, saying “no matter how much they conspire, they will not be victorious over us, because conspiring against Syria has many tracks, and we’re confident in the ability of our people and Armed Forces to defeat this terrorism.”

He noted that since the beginning of the crisis, Syria has warned that the repercussions of what is taking place in it on neighboring countries are dangerous, adding that Iraq affirmed its determination to take all necessary steps to preserve security in it and prevent what is happening in Syria from flowing over to it.

Al-Moallem asserted that the Syrian people will never forget that Iran stood by Syria during its crisis.

He said that Morsi’s decision to cut ties with Syria was surprising, and that the “festival” he staged had its own reasons, among them was facing Salafis, adding that Morsi’s decision is up to his people.

The Foreign Minister affirmed that there are no foreign fighters standing alongside the Syrian Army; rather there are foreign fighters fighting alongside Jabhat al-Nusra.

As for the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglo’s accusations of Syria regarding the bombings which rocked al-Rihania city, al-Moallem said, “Davutoglo is known for his hostility to Syria, so I do not comment and I do not take into consideration his accusations either.”

He pointed out to the readiness of the Syrian government to participate in security investigations into the bombings.

Concerning the role of the Israeli occupation in the crisis in Syria, Minister al-Moallem explained that the Syrian government submitted a letter to the UN Security Council on the role of Israel in facilitating the passage of the armed terrorist groups which kidnapped the UNDOF personnel, and it sent another letter on the role of Qatar in this operation.


“Israel tried to give a humanitarian aspect to what it did through transferring the injured terrorists to its hospitals because it wanted to hide the reality of its intentions,” al-Moallem said.

He asserted that Syria will react against any violation of the Syrian sovereignty in the area of separation.

Minister al-Moallem said, “I do not expect that a foreign military intervention will take place in Syria; why would they intervene while the Syrians are killing one another. Stopping violence is important, but they do not have a decision about that as long as the interests of Israel entail the continuation of violence.”

“When I say halting violence and terrorism, I mean very clearly that we need to reach ceasefire on a specific date, but who can control the decision of the terrorists as, according to the Europeans themselves, over 600 armed men came to Syria from Europe, in addition to gunmen who came from Tunisia, Libya, Chechnya and Dagestan. Only the Syrian Arab Army can take them out,” the Foreign Minister said.

He added that Syria will go to Geneva conference without preconditions which means that Syria rejects any preconditions set by the others.

Peoples have, before their leaderships, started to be aware about what is happening in Syria

Al-Moallem said, “President Bashar al-Assad is very content about what is happening on the ground and around us… we believe that the peoples have, before their leaderships, started to be aware about what is happening in Syria and what is being plotted against it.”

Concerning the role of Saudi Arabia in the crisis in Syria, al-Moallem said, “The Saudis are essential part of conspiracy against Syria. They conspire against us from behind, and they do not expose themselves.”

On the fighting of “the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK)” against the Syrian army, al-Moallem said, “I have no information about that, but what is the difference between them and the jihadists of the Chechen sheikh who cannot speak Arabic and took up arms to kill the Syrians? It is the same for us.”

As for the attempts of the western diplomatic missions which tried to come back to Syria, the Foreign Minister said, “There are talks about that, but only the Bulgarians have returned so far.”

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