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Moscow official statement: hundreds of mercenaries and terrorist fighters from various countries in Syria

July 12, 2013 (Syrianfrepress Network) – There are hundreds, probably thousands, of mercenaries and jihadist militants from various countries, including Europe, USA and Russia, fighting in Syria within terrorist armed groups.

These are the words included in a statement from the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Special Envoy of the President Putin for the Middle East, Mikhail Bogdanov.

Interfax News Agency has quoted Bogdanov saying that Syrian and Russian special services are exchanging information in connection with reports that over 1000 foreign militants, including from Russia, the USA and Europe, are fighting in the territory of Syria, including persons coming from various other countries, as Australia and Mongolia, pushed from mad fake and shameful clerics sold to the US/Israel Zionist lobby.

Russian President Vladimir Putin already announced in the last few weeks that hundreds fighters from Russia and East-European countries are fighting alongside the terrorist armed groups in Syria.



Moscow: Russia submitted to UN analysis confirming Syrian opposition’s use of chemical weapons

New York, July 12, 2013 – (SANA-F.Allafi ) – Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said on Tuesday that Moscow is exerting efforts with the UN Security Council to facilitate UN experts’ access into Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian opposition on March 19th in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside.

At a press conference following the UN Security Council’s session, Churkin said that Russia has submitted its analyses to the UN, adding that the analyses confirm that that the Syrian opposition fighters had used chemical weapons in Aleppo.

He stressed that issue of granting access to the UN experts into Syria is up to the Syrian authorities and not the Security Council.

Churkin considered Syria’s invitation to the UN experts to visit Syria as a “positive act.”

He pointed out that there is progress in communication between the Syrian government the UN concerning granting the UN experts access into Syria, stressing the necessity of translating this progress on the ground.

Churkin noted that Russia and China are in agreement on the issue of the use of chemical weapons.

He said that the issue of the use of chemical weapons in Aleppo countryside will not affect the U.S.-Russian efforts to hold an international conference on Syria, and Moscow will not halt its efforts with its allies to hold the conference.

The Russian official pointed out that the G8 Summit’s statement last month stated that there must be an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria and then referring to the UN Security Council for assessment.

Churkin added that the Sarin gas which was discovered in Khan al-Assal was used via locally-made rockets and it did not comply with the traditional industrial standards, pointing out that it was made inside the Syrian territories.