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The people in Aleppo who support President Bashar al-Assad are being deprived of food, water and petro.

All the basic needs to sustain life.

What little is there is priced higher than Syrians even make, as there are no supplies coming in.

There is no rice, or potatoes to help sustain them.

They are living off bread they have to pay such high prices for, and standing in lines for hours.

Many times, the bread is gone before their time in line comes up.

The FSA terrorists have cut all the roads off and will not allow residents to drive out, or anyone to drive in.

Listen to these residents speak. Listen to their stories about their children and families suffering.

Video Posted by SyrianGirlpartisan


Al Maydeen interviewed the people of Aleppo during the siege against them by the FSA, that has been happening for the last 5 days, these are their responses.

For ALL viewers who can sign, there is a petition on Change.org that might help make a difference for these people and their families in Aleppo. Here is that information.

United Nations, European Union, Arab League, United States Government:    Stop the Blockade in Aleppo

A blockade by the rebels in government held areas has greatly increased the trauma to the citizens in western part of the city and has significantly escalated the famine there.  There is no more food or water for the majority of the estimated over 1.5 million people caught in this conflict.  Basic medicines and supplies are also gone.  Attention needs to be focused upon the daily lives of the citizens, not the politics nor media hyperbole nor history of the conflict.  Intervention for the people, for life is what is called for.  A major effort to address this situation must be undertaken for the people trying to survive without the very basic necessities of life.  The attention of the world needs to be upon those still alive and suffering daily from the war, not on the media and government numbers games at estimating fatalities.