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Syrian army advancing in Idlib countryside

(Breaking News, 15/7/2013) – Syrian Arab Army continues its advancing in Idlib countryside: severe clashes between units of the Syrian Arab Army and members of the armed ‘jihadists’  militias.

Syrian Army continued advancing on the village of Bsanqoul, at Areha-Lattakia highway, in Edlib countryside, and clashed with several armed groups.

The Army’s slow advance is due to a grid of mines laid by terrorists in trenches and underground corridors.

Breaking News correspondent reported that battles resulted in the killing of dozens of militants, most of them of foreign nationality.

One of those terrorists was identified as the leader Ikremah al-Hasan, called also by Abu al-Gaith.

The Syrian Arab Army also destroyed heavy machinery and weapons in the hands of the terrorists gangs.

In a separate context, Military Engineering units have defused a number IEDs on the road to the factory of “al-Qarmeed-al-Mastumah”.

Each one of the IEDs weighs between 100-150 kg.


Army units destroyed a terrorists’ den and large amounts of heavy machineguns in a series of qualitative operations on Monday in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, killing and injuring numbers of terrorists.

An official source told SANA that heavy machineguns, automatic shotguns and amounts of ammunition were destroyed in Douma city, in addition to killing several terrorists, among them Mohammad Nabil Saad and Dirar Adib al-Sheikh.

The source added that an army unit destroyed a den for leaders of terrorist groups with the terrorists, weapons and ammunition inside. The terrorists Abdul-Kader Kurdi and Mohammad al-Sharif were identified among the dead in Jobar neighborhood.

Another operation resulted in the death of the terrorist Mohammad Youssef Makki and others along al-Manasher roundabout in the neighborhood.

Another unit clashed with a terrorist group near Daya Company in Harasta and destroyed weapons and ammunition for them, the source pointed out, adding that Hussam Shaaban was identified among the dead terrorists.

In the farms surrounding al-Bahariah town in eastern Ghouta, a den for terrorists with the weapons and ammunition was destroyed. Several terrorists were killed, among them Anas Hashem al-Takli and Mahmoud Ahmad al-Basha.

Another unit carried out an operation against terrorists’ concentration in the farms of al-Qasimieh town, killing most of them, including a terrorist nicknamed Abu Hamza.

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Jami’at neighborhood in Darayya city, killing several members and injuring others. Mustapha Karkoura and another called ”Wael” were identified among the dead terrorists.

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists killed in Aleppo city and countryside

The army units continued operations on Monday in Aleppo, destroying weapons and ammunition loaded in cars coming from turkey and killing and injuring terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra.

An official source told SANA that mortar cannon was destroyed and 7 terrorists were killed in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo city, as another unit clashed with terrorist groups on the outskirts of al-Rashidin neighborhood that tried to infiltrate into the safe areas.

The source added that army units destroyed weapons and ammunition loaded in five cars coming from Turkey to the west of Izaz city in Aleppo northern countryside. All terrorists inside were killed.

All members of a terrorist group were killed near the industrial area in Hreitan, the source pointed out, adding that dens and concentrations of terrorists were destroyed with the weapons and ammunition inside.

Several Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed in the farms surrounding Khan al-Assal, Kafrnaha and al-Eis village in al-Hader area in Aleppo southwestern countryside.

In Aleppo western countryside, an army unit destroyed weapons and ammunition for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Kafr Hamra and north of al-Castillo, as other units killed three leaders of terrorist groups in Bana area southwest of al-Sfeira.

Army units also carried out operations against terrorists’ concentrations in the vicinity of Aleppo central prison and near al-Blacka and Mayami restaurants, killing and injuring many.

Terrorists killed in blast inside depot in Aleppo

A number of terrorists were killed and others injured in an explosion that ripped through a depot in Bani Zaid neighborhood in Aleppo city.

An official source in Aleppo said the explosion left the den destroyed with the terrorists, weapons, ammunition and high explosives inside.

Infiltration attempt of armed terrorists foiled in Homs city

An army unit foiled an infiltration attempt of armed terrorist groups from al-Qarabees area in Homs city towards al-Wa’ar orchards, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

A military source told SANA that other army units destroyed terrorists’ gatherings and dens in al-Qarabees, al-Qusour, al-Masabegh, al-Khaledyeh, Bab Hood, Jourat al-Shayyah, al-Hamidiyeh neighborhoods in Homs city, and those in the villages of Tal-Bisa, Beit Hajjo, al-Rastan, al-Ghajar and Kiseen.

Many terrorists were killed including Ahmad Salama, Basheer al-Zarqan, Hisham Abdul karim Audi and Jaber Mohammad Abo Ghalla, as others were injured during the operation.

Army units eliminate terrorists, thwart attempt of detonation of explosive devices in Idleb countryside

Army units destroyed terrorists’ weapons and ammunition and foiled an attempt to detonate explosive devices on the main road between the brick factory and al- Mastomeh.

An official source told SANA reporter that a number of terrorists were eliminated in a series of the army successful operations, in the villages of Ma’tarm, south of Kafr Shalaya, Majdalya and Abu al-Dhor.

The source added that an army unit destroyed terrorists’ gatherings with all terrorists, weapons and ammunition inside in the villages and towns of Mar’ian, Ablin, Ma’rdebssi, Kfarromeh, al-Bara, Kfar Nubbul, Ma’arrat al-Numan, Bassames and Balshon.

The source pointed out that the engineering units foiled terrorists’ attempt to detonate 6 explosive devices ranging in weight between 100-150 kg prepared to be detonated by remote.

The devices were planted on the brick factory and al-Mastomeh road.

Army units eliminate non-Syrian terrorists in Daraa countryside

Units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists, including non-Syrians, and destroyed their weapons and equipment in Daraa countryside.

A military source told SANA that the army units destroyed terrorists’ dens along with the weapons and ammunition inside them in Daraa al-Balad, Da’ail, al-Mleha al-Shrqia, Tafas, Sahim al-Gholan, al-Shajara and Tsil.

The source added that among the dead terrorists were the Saudi Ahmad Abdulkader al-Turk, the Libyan Jaiash Mohammad Abdullah, Mohammad al-Masri the leader of an armed terrorist group called “al-Tawhid Brigade”, Mohammad Abdulah al-Masalima the leader of an armed terrorist group, in addition to  Abdullah al-Swidan, Ahmad Hussein al-Kabour and Mohammad Bakria.

Army units destroy terrorists’ weapons and ammo warehouse in Deir Ezzor

Army units destroyed gatherings of terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Huwaiqa, al-Sina’a, al-Jbaileh and Nazlet al-Rdaisat in Deir Ezzor city, leaving the terrorists dead or injured.

Another unit destroyed a weapons and munitions warehouse used by terrorists to store machineguns and explosive in al-Bukamal in Deir Ezzor countryside, killing ten terrorists who were inside it.

Army units destroy hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Hama

An Army unit carried out a series of special operations against hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the towns of al-Huwaija and Kafrnaboudeh in Hama countryside, leaving the terrorist inside them dead or injured.


Mortar shells wounds 20 in Damascus

Foreign-backed terrorist have also fired two mortar shells on a government building in the outskirts of Damascus.

Two mortar shells were fired by members of FSA/al-Nusra in Abboud Square in Barzeh neighborhood, on the building of the Technical Services, near Tishreen: no casualties were reported, but 20 civilians were wounded.