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Syrian Army continues its operations in Khalidia neighborhood of Homs.

Units of Syrian Arab Army have killed armed terrorists members, including Rakan Abed al-Jalil al-Tesh in al-Khalidia neighborhood of Homs city.

Syrian Army confronts insurgents in Idlib countryside.

Syrian Arab Army holds off a battle launched by militants on brick factory in Idlib countryside.

Syrian Army units confronted also terrorists while they tried to attack one of the Army checkpoints near the brick factory, killing and injuring many of them.

In Idlib, the authority reported to SANA and Breaking Arab News that the Syrian Arab Army has targeted al-Qaeda affiliated members in Saraqeb city in the north of the area.

Syrian Military Forces has targeted series of the strongholds affiliated to al-Nusra organization in Rabeia, Samiah al-Kerk and Khan al-Jooz,  in Latakia countryside.

Military source as saying that the operations have resulted in the death of many terrorists, including Lybians called by “Abu Abed al-Rahman” and Abdullah al-Sayad called by “Abu Rudainah al-Saraqbi”.