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Al-Nusra Front members-20130720


The “Free Army” militia bombarded today morning July 20 safe residential neighborhoods in the cities of Aleppo and Homs, as a result many people martyred and injured.

 “Free Army” shell Homs, civilian martyrs reported

Four Syrian civilians were martyred and 15 others injured after shells fired by criminal militants landed in al-Mazra’a district in the center of Homs.

In Homs shells were fired from the Khalidiya district, which is witnessing violent battles between Syrian Arab Army and the terrorist militias’ gunmen that are deployed inside the very neighborhood; the gunmen sustain continuous defeats by Syrian forces.

Shells hit Aleppo

The armed terrorist militants targeted the region of al-Siryan al-Qadimeh in Aleppo with a mortar shell, what led to the injury of 10 civilians after the shell landed near the “Electricity Post” in the very area.

Reporters from Breaking News Agency noted that the shell’s source is al-Sheik Maksoud, where fierce clashes take place between the army and insurgents, since the gunmen entered it.