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Nearly 30 million marched, and 22 million signatures were gathered to rid Egypt of the Radical Islamist backed Muslim Brotherhood member former President Morsi.

For the US to actually call this “True Revolution”  in Egypt a “coup”, is a very sticky situation for the USA. One the one hand, if they don’t label it a military coup, they can keep the US military supplies flowing into Egypt while hoping THEIR Muslim Brotherhood returns to power. On the other hand, if it IS declared a military coup, the USA, by law, cannot supply the military with the might that funds the Military Industrial Complex. The US has been refusing to label it at all to buy time to see what they are able to achieve to turn this situation around. The Egyptian military did not take sides until AFTER the nearly 30 million took to the streets. They truly backed “the WILL” of the Egyptian people.

In a message to US President Obama and all American citizens, an Egyptian has posted a message. One worth taking note of, this Egyptian pleads, “Leave Egypt alone PLEASE Mr. Obama and quit supporting terrorists.” His please are clear. Egypt wants to be friends with the United States. This Egyptian asks the United States to “STOP SUPPORTING terrorists who are asking in their prayers to destroy the United States.”

His message in English starts at 40 seconds…

Morsi had recently cut all ties in Syria, including closing the Syrian Embassy, and asked Egyptians to “support the revolution in Syria,” which is not a revolution as it does NOT have the support of Syrians. The fighters fighting against President al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army have come from as much as 29 different countries. Morsi supported further bloodshed in Syria, including intervention. He supported the al Nusra and al-Qaeda movement in Syria, that has been the source of the bloodshed against innocent civilians. Many people say, “This was the LAST straw for Egyptians.”

Below are some of the pictures held in Egypt during the “revolution,” written in English, to send a CLEAR message to the people in America. They were taken from the ANTI-Morsi demonstration in Egypt on behalf of the millions of Egyptians who “demanded an end to the rule of the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. These are some of the same pictures recently shown to Congress in a speech given by Rep Louie Gohmert on the House floor July 19th, 2013.

Click on the picture for a LARGER view.

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On the flip side of the coin…

The radical Islamist PRO-Morsi Supporters, (The Muslim Brotherhood), have come out and vowed to shed blood in Egypt. It is CLEAR to see who is the “civilized Egyptian,” and who is NOT as a Wahhabi lady covered in black “vows to burn her Christian compatriots.”

This next video was uploaded and translated by the Youtube channel Eretz Zen

“This footage is taken from a PRO-Morsi demonstration in Egypt after the Egyptian military intervened on behalf of the millions of Egyptians who demanded an end to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. While addressing Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian commander-in-chief, Wahhabis who support Morsi vow to become suicide bombers that will target secularists, Christians, Shiites, and all other opposition forces. A Wahhabi lady covered in black vowed to burn her Christian compatriots.

To ALL Americans…

One has to wonder…

“Why has the US President Barack Hussein Obama II, employed MANY “Muslim Brotherhood” members (members of these same radical Islamists as in this video), into ‘key decision making positions it’s OWN ADMINISTRATION,’ and WHAT THEIR MOTIVE for doing so REALLY IS.” Many believe (including Rep Louie Gohmert), that the ultimate goal to to rid the United States of America of her Constitution, and eventually implement “Sharia Law.” A VERY frightening outcome to Americans indeed.

This is the question Mr. Gohmert asked Congress July 19th, 2013.

For many informative videos that have been translated for English speakers to understand, please visit the youtube channel of Eretz Zen