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US Rep Louie Gohmert Criticizing the USA in their Support of al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists


Posted by Nevaehwest on July 19, 2013


Texas Rep Louie Gohmer gave a Speech on the House Floor on many issues involving the United States in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Rarely do we hear “truth” like this coming from an official on foreign matters regarding the United States. Rarely will you hear this kind of “truth” on these matters that we, the people from around the world, already know. It’s TRULY refreshing for a change.



Mr Gohmert’s speech touched on many important foreign policy issues, as well as referring to the so-called “Arab Spring” as a “Nightmare Winter.” He also tells Congress of some grave issues affecting America and the Constitution of the United States.

He starts off discussing the positive relationship, in 2009, that President Obama and the US had with the then President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. Then, he explains, came the calls that, “Mubarak must go,” without explanation.

He asks, “What does it say to the world when the leader of the US contradicts himself,” as was the case in Egypt as well as Libya.

He recalls a remark made by a representative from China saying, “Haven’t you learned you can’t trust the US yet?”

The US “lacks credibility.” He speaks about the Muslim Brotherhood , and about the Muslim Brotherhood member, former President Morsi, and the negative impact he was having on Egypt, and the great majority of the Egyptian people.

He goes on to talk about Colonel Gaddafi being an ally to the US after 2003, and how Gaddafi had begun to work with the US on terrorism. He states Colonel Gaddafi “wanted to be friends with the US,” and even speaks about President Obama shaking hands with him. He then discusses how the President decided “unilaterally,” with the help of NATO Countries that received oil, to use US Military to support Al Qaeda, who was fighting against Colonel Gaddafi. Colonel Gaddafi and Libya was bombed without mercy by the US, and Colonel Gaddafi was tortured to death.

Speaking of the Obama administration, Mr Gohmert said, “Despite this desire to please the organization of Islamic powers and others in NATO, the number one obligation of this congress, and this President, is to provide for the common defense of the people in this Country. We took an oath to support this Country, under this constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.

He then refers to the Arab Spring as a “Freezing Winter,” and goes on to discuss Syria. He says the situation in Syria now, has a tyrant (I would argue his definition, and call him uninformed as the majority of Syrians do support President Assad), on one hand and “Radical Islamists who want to destroy America” on the other.” He asks Congress, “where is it in the interest of spilling American blood.” He talks about how Hillary Clinton, in March of 2011, stated that US lawmakers regarded Assad as a “reformist.” At that time, the now, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Assad was very generous, and had agreed to improve relations with the US.” Mr Gohmert stated, “Syria is NOT a place the United States should be involved in right now, because when the winner is NOT helpful, we should NOT get involved.” He then discusses the possible “gun running” from Libya to Syria, possibly when Ambassador Stevens was in Libya, and states the families of those killed in Benghazi deserve some answers.

He goes on to talk about the call of the people in Egypt (almost 30 Million taking to the street, and 22 Million signatures), as being the largest demonstration in history. He explains all the things the then President Morsi did to impact Egypt in a very negative way, while giving himself more and more dictatorial powers. Mr. Gohmert does not call this a “military coup.” He calls it the will of the Egyptian people. The people of Egypt live in peace with Christians an all sects, but NOT under the Muslim Brotherhood. The majority of Egyptians wonder why the Obama administration is supporting. He describes what happened in Egypt recently as a “major incredible earth shaking event” that is a “True Spring” and explains how Egyptians want peace with America. Recently, he explains, he ran into an Egyptian who said to him, “We do NOT want Radical Islamists like al-Qaeda running our Country!”

Then, he shows pictures he had blown up from the Egyptian protest, written in English (to send a clear message to America), that have statements on them such as “Obama supports terrorists.” The messages are very clear as to how the Egyptians feel, and how Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood was clear. This, he explains, has caused the deaths of some Christians in Egypt. The Radical Islamists (The Muslim Brotherhood), were supported in Libya against Gaddafi and in Egypt with Morsi, and the USA has been supporting them in Syria, even though their identification, and actions, such as eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier after cutting it from his chest, are plastered all over the internet and on youtube for anyone to see.

Texas Representative Gohmert goes on to say “Bad decisions made at the highest positions cause problems in the world.”

He speaks briefly of threats made to King Abdullah ll in Jordan, and that he too could be removed from power.

He states “No one respects this Country (USA), anymore.”

These same extremists that the US is supporting in Syria, and supported in Libya and in Egypt claim, “We wont stop our movement (to force the US into Sharia Law) until our flag, (The Black Flag War flag, or the al-Qaeda Flag), is hanging at the white house.” Even with these DIRECT THREATS to the United States of America, the Obama administration continues to support them.

Mr Gohmert tells Congress how the Obama administration has hired members of the Muslim Brotherhood into some key decision making areas of the administration, and how they are “infiltrating our government.” With his voiced raised, he states, “ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE OUR CONSTITUTION TO SHARIA LAW IS OUR ENEMY!” This is about making things right, about truth and about justice. Its about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but like anything else, if we aren’t willing to fight for it, we will lose it.”

Please research “Sharia Law” if you do not understand it’s meaning.