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Tartous countryside: Headquarters containing arms and Israeli bombs detected in al-Bayda village, in Banias

The Syrian Arab Army discovered and seized a large cache of Israeli-made bombs, weapons and ammunition in Banias district of the Tartous governorate near the Lebanese borders.

The Syrian troops discovered the arms depot in al-Bayda village, arresting several armed terrorists during the operations.

The Syrian Security Forces also confiscated several sniper rifles, thousands of bullets and forged documents as well as maps of Banias city from the armed men.


Earlier this year, the Syrian Arab Army discovered and seized Israeli-made missiles and weapons from armed rebels in Reef, outskirts of al-Qusseir, in Northwestern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Ahad news website quoted also that during the army’s military operations and advancements in Reef al-Qusseir, a large cache of weapons and missile ammunition, some of which Israeli made, were seized from the armed terrorists.

Such weapons shows the involvement of the Zionist regime in incidents which are happening in Syria and reveals the ties between the Zionist entity and terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government.

In a similar development, in December, the Syrian army seized Israeli-made missiles and weapons from the armed rebels near the border with Jordan.

Jahineh news website reported at the time that the Syrian Arab Army confiscated from terrorists many Israeli-made LAV anti-tank missiles and several wireless equipment which were also made in Israel.