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Jaramana terrorist explosion

Syria Calls on Security Council to Condemn Jaramana terrorist explosion

Jul 26, 2013 – Damascus, (SANA-Mazen) – Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Thursday sent two identical letters to the UN Secretary General and President of the Security Council on the terrorist explosion which took place in Jaramana, Damascus countryside on July 25th, 2013.

“Terrorists of the Islamic State Organization in Iraq and Sham, affiliated to al-Qaeda, perpetrated a new terrorist crime against a residential neighborhood which was crowded with people… a big explosion through a booby-trapped car at al-Siyouf square in Jaramana claimed the lives of 10 citizens and injuring 66 others, among them children, causing huge damage to the shops, houses and the cars in the area and its surroundings,” the two letters added.

The Foreign Ministry said “the Islamic State Organization in Iraq and Sham”, which was labeled by the UN as one of the terrorist entities linked to al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for that crime which adds to a series of terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations during the latest months in Syria which also claimed the lives of scores of Syrian civilians.

“Syria, while puts the facts related to this new crime which one of al-Qaeda -linked organizations, labeled on the list of terrorist entities and approved by resolution No.1267 of security council has claimed responsibility for, calls on the Security Council to condemn this terrorist explosion, and revive its stance rejecting terrorism regardless of the place and time of the crime,” the Ministry said.

It urged the states and sides which support the armed terrorist groups in Syria to stop supplying them with logistic and military aid.

The letters said that when the Security Council takes a clear stance in confronting such terrorist crimes, it sends a strong message to the crime perpetrators that the international community is united in the face of terrorism away from any double standard policy which could encourage those terrorists to go ahead in perpetrating their criminal attacks which go beyond limits.

“Claiming the responsibility for the terrorist crimes lately perpetrated in Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State Organization in Iraq and Sham has big indications that all should stand at, due to their dangers which exceed the borders of states in targeting the civilians,” the Foreign Ministry added.